5 Ways To Make The Most out of a Cheap Summer 

Summer is finally here!! But let’s be honest not every one of us has the money to go to Disney world… So! Here’s a list of fun ways to enjoy the summer, right from your own home or even home town:

1. Read A Book Series

This one is a no brainer for those who like to read. I recommend the Divergent series or the Mortal Instruments. If you’re not into those, try looking for a series you’re interested in. You might be surprised to see how much you find yourself reaching for these books once you start them. Who knows, they could end up taking up all of your summer time.

2. No pool? No problem! 

There are still ways to make good use of the heat without taking a nice refreshing dip in a pool. Have a few friends over and have a water balloon/gun fight. You can spruce it up a bit by placing objects in the playing field that you can hide behind. Get creative! It doesn’t have to be in your backyard either. You can take the party to a local park and maybe even bring something to grill.

3. Google Local Free Events 

Even if you find nothing, it’s worth researching.

4. Lemonade Stand

Get your friends to help you out with this one! Try setting one up in a park on a day you know there will be a lot of people. You never know, you could end up making enough money to afford yourself some new clothes or shoes. So you could get yourself a shopping trip with this one!

5. Learn a new skill!

Now that you don’t have homework to do or reports to write you can focus on learning something you’ve always wanted to learn or sharpening a skill you already know. Whether it’s how to speak a new language (I recommend using duo-lingo), how to cook certain meals or deserts, how to crochet or knit, how to change a flat tire, journaling, etc. There’s always something to learn.

These are only five ways, but there are several ways you could make the most out of your summer. All it takes is a little thought and creativity!

One thought on “5 Ways To Make The Most out of a Cheap Summer 

  1. I’ve always wanted to sell lemonade during the summer, but my mom always said no. I don’t know if it’s socially acceptable as an adult, what with seller’s permits, privately owned properties and, above all else, loss of adorable, little person cuteness…

    Thank you for the good ideas. Summer has come and gone, but this was a fun post, none the less! ❤

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