Enjoying the Ride

It’s been an interesting few months. I have not been able to blog as consistently as I want to because I have been busying myself with everything related to college prep and high school graduation! There’s exams, studying, essay’s, lot’s of college talk, and all during the internal growth that comes with adulting. It can be pretty stressful and frustrating at times.

Not too long ago, I went on an outing to a little cafe called Proud Pie with my sister and mom. It is an adorable little hang out spot, much like a Starbucks in terms of the social scene. After ordering our Pies, we all sat down at a table and fumbled with our phones making small statements to each other every now and then but not really conversating. Behind our table was a group of three girls, who were talking pretty loudly. The lack of conversation at my table made it pretty easy for my ears to tune into the conversation they were having (What? We all do it you guys..). The girls were laughing about something and somehow started talking about their summer. One girl began to rant about how busy her summer was and how she eventually became overwhelmed because of how much she was trying to accomplish in order to make her college applications look more appealing as well as other things she was trying to do for other people. The girls she was talking to were relating to her story as she was talking, saying how they believed senior year has been their most stressful year and their summer was pretty stressful as well. Then, the girl who was talking said something pretty interesting. She said one night, she reached a breaking point and was brought to tears because of how packed her plate of responsibilities was. It was then, she said, she realized that in the midst of focusing on all of her pre-college to-do’s; she had forgotten to enjoy the ride.

It’s amazing how God can speak to you (and use you) sometimes. Here I am, sitting in a cafe, waiting on a meal at a table in front of this girl, who without even knowing it, caused me (a complete stranger) to re-evaluate myself.

I believe it happens to everyone at some point or another. We can get so caught up in the business that encompasses our lives that we forget to enjoy ourselves in the midst of that. Here I am, waking up every morning thinking “Okay, what do I need to do today. Oh right, I have this and this, and later I have to make sure I do this” yet there is no joy in doing those things as much as there is this pressure to get them done. This type of thinking on a daily basis can take us to the breaking point. The point we can no longer take a life filled with to-do’s causing us to sit, sulk, and engage in the “i can’t” thinking. Several times, this year I have reached that point. All I want to do in those moments is sit and complain that I will never reach my goal and I give myself excuses to give up. I never thought for one second that maybe I wouldn’t feel so overwhelmed if I was actually enjoying myself. After all, life has it’s ups and downs. I could be busy now and a few years from now I could be trapped in boredom, feeling as if I don’t have enough to do! The real issue here is being content. If I could be content about where I am in my life no matter what i’m doing, I would rid myself of feeling stressed and instead I would feel capable to handle whatever is thrown my way.

My birthday was earlier this month, (hellooo nineteen!!) and with the new age I decided to practice a new attitude as well. You guessed it, contentment. While breaking old negetitve thinking patterns is never easy and they do resurface from time to time, I am finding that I am actually much happier expressing content rather than complaining, wishing for alternatives to the life I am living. To anyone struggling with stress, i’d encourage you too to try practicing contentment as well. Sometimes the idea of thinking we have too much on our plate, is just that- an idea. An idea that if exchanged for contentment, could allow us to “enjoy the ride.”.

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