My Go-To Accessories: Fall Edition

If you’ve read my last post you know just how obsessed I am with the fall weather and everything that comes with it…especially the fashion! The items listed below are items I wear most through out the fall season:


Item #1: Maroon Colored Cell Phone Case


Yes, a cell phone case does count as an accessory, especially if it’s this chic looking. I got this phone case for less than three dollars from AliExpress.

Item #2: Gold-Rimmed Sun Glasses


The good thing about gold-rimmed sunglasses is that they can complete any fall inspired look whether it’s dressed up or casual.

Item #3: Sensual Amber Perfume


I received a Bath and Body Works gift set of fragrance mists and lotions for Christmas one year and Sensual Amber was one of the scents in the set. I loved it so much I ended up buying the perfume about six months later. I don’t know what it is about it that screamed fall to me in particular but the scent is described as a combination of amber, lotus flower, and sandalwood scents. All in all, I love this one!

Item #4: Dark Brown Side Purse


Every now and then hand-me-downs can prove themselves blessings. This purse is an example of that. Originally my grandmothers, this classy bags’ color and design works well with pretty much anything, not to mention how easy it is to carry with the cross strap.

Item #5: Crocheted Anything


Pictured here, to the right of the yarn is a bracelet I crocheted but the options are endless. Beanie’s, scarfs, bags, anything I can crochet I will find other pieces to wear with.


Item #6: Warm-Toned Nail Polish


This one by Pure Ice is called Taupe Drawer and it dries a beautiful dark, grey-ish lavender. I often rotate between colors like this to colors like burgundy and nudes.

What accessories do you find yourself wearing more often during the fall?

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