Hair Update: One Year After the Big Chop

It’s been one COMPLETE year since I have used ANY heat on my hair and I am quite shocked I’ve even made it this far. The girl before the chop didn’t want to have anything to do with “puffy hair” as I called it back then. However, I wouldn’t regret my decision to go all natural and am very proud of the internal and external results!

Right before I decided to begin the all natural journey, my hair was in a pretty bad state.  My hair was suffocating!


Reaching the point where I was comfortable cutting off the length and basically starting over was truly a defining moment for me. I had finally come to this place where I didn’t care about the thoughts of others but cared about what I thought of myself. So I took a leap!

chop-chopIn the year since, I’ve actually been confronted with a few different situations in which I’ve been able to witness how others perceive those with natural hair and natural hair in itself. One of the most memorable being an exchange I heard between two young teenage girls at the mall. One of the girls was African-American with relaxed hair  and the other girl was blonde. I saw them glance at me as they walked toward my direction and as they walked past me I heard a cute little exchange;

Girl with relaxed hair: “What do you think of her hair?”

The blonde girl: “I think that’s too big!”

Girl with relaxed hair: ” I don’t know, I kind of like it!”

It was one of those moments I was grateful I was able to witness because it flattered me and encouraged me to continue doing/being me. In my mind I was thinking, “I kind of like it too!”.


As far as weekly maintenance, I have finally found a shampoo and conditioner that I can use without it drying my hair (p.s. it had a lot to do with sulfate, but that’s a whole other topic…) and I wash once every week. Occasionally, especially after I use too much leave-in conditioner, my hair will feel really dry so I do go through dry spells every now and then. When I do, that’s when I resort to using a deep conditioning treatment. The one that I find myself using often is Cantu’s Leave-In Conditioner (it’s great at providing moisture and shine).

For regular day to day maintenance, if I’m not going anywhere my hair is in a pineapple bun wrapped in a bandana. When I am going somewhere, I typically stick to the L.O.C method (Leave in conditioner, oil, and then cream) for styling.

Currently, my hair is up to my shoulders curly, but just a few inches shy of mid-back if I were to straighten it. I continue to nourish it and encourage it to grow daily!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset





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