OOTD: Casual Sunday

Hey guys!

So, I want to try implementing “OOTD” posts on my blog. I will be posting these every Monday. Some will include pictures of me in the outfit, others will include pictures of the outfits by themselves- but I wanted an outlet to rave a little about different looks as well as discuss them with you guys. Please feel free to comment your thoughts!  

Casual Sunday:

Sunday morning’s are always hard for me. I am in no way a morning person (if I haven’t already mentioned that somewhere on my blog, i’m surprised). Typically I am one of the last members of the family to leave for church. This Sunday, I wanted to wear something simple. With this look I was thinking casual but cute.

I had a tiny little shopping spree at JC Penny’s recently, and that’s where I got the top.  I tend to gravitate towards dark and earth toned colors, so I saw the green and the v-neck and instantly had a few idea’s about what I wanted to do with it. I LOVE gold jewelry, especially with earth tones, so I removed this attachable necklace from another shirt I bought at Ross & paired it with the top.

The bag actually has an adjustable strap so it can be used as a cross-shoulder bag or just a simple purse. The best part is I got it for only $5 at Wal Mart (and I am not ashamed!).

The jeans are from the brand Rose Royce. They are pretty pricey, but they are the only jeans I have come across so far that can actually fit a tall girl. Looking for jeans when you are 5’10 can be quite a challenge! When I tried these on and saw that they STILL draped over my feet- you can imagine how I felt. I decided to pair the jeans with a pair of simple cream colored wedges to complete the outfit.

Lately, I  have been obsessed with doing braid-out’s. I am going to be uploading a post soon about how they work and how I do them myself. They are such a great alternative to straight hair. They have texture, volume, and yet still allow me to enjoy length. Not to mention the fact that they are also healthy for my hair. I can consider them a protective style since I end up putting them in braids every night.

Recently, I got rid of my Make-Up Forever HD foundation. I found that it was too thick and my skin suffocated underneath it. I traded my Make-Up Forever foundation for Urban Decay’s Naked Weightless Ultra Definition foundation and it has made such a difference.  I didn’t feel like doing anything dramatic as far as make-up went so I decided to go for a more bronzed but natural look instead.

What is your ideal Sunday kind of outfit? Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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