5 Websites You Should Visit Before You Go Christmas Shopping

One thing I hate doing is going out to shop for gifts during the holidays. Hate the crowds. Hate the irritability I get from overly-alert retail workers. And above all else, I hate the lines. If the title of this post has piqued your interest, that means that you too have a pretty big appreciation for online shopping during the holiday season! Here are five websites you should visit – and I have used – before you step outside of your door in search of Christmas gifts:


1. RetailMeNot

The beauty of RetailMeNot is that it not only keeps you updated on coupons and sales for shopping in-store, but online as well. Check here before you go to any online store and you’ll be informed on whether or not there stands any deals, promo codes, or special sales!



2. Wish

Wish caries all sorts of items from technology, to clothes, to journals and more for very good prices! Ones that had me skeptical at first to be honest. While I personally have not ordered any items of clothing from this site- I have ordered jewelry, make-up brushes, and phone cases all of which arrived/performed/still are in good condition. You do have to be a little careful (I would advise you read the reviews of an item you are considering purchasing for a better understanding of what to expect in the mail as well as any problems other people have encountered) about the items you choose, but the site is a goldmine of low prices.


3. AlliExpress

AlliExpress is similar to Wish in that it offers an array of products in many different departments for pretty low prices, except in my opinion- AlliExpress offers a wider variety. Just make sure to peep the estimated arrival time so you can be sure your order will arrive before Christmas, and with enough time for you to wrap.


4. Drugstore.com (Walgreens.com)

Originally titled “Drugstore.com”, “Walgreens.com”  is a great website to order from if you want to get anything drugstore beauty related. Specifically in the make-up department. When scrolling through the makeup section you’ll find items sprinkled here and there marked even lower than the typical drugstore price.


5. WaneLo

Consider this site a Pinterest centered in fashion. If you make a profile, you can follow other designers, bloggers (make sure you add me if you get one, my username is: thecurlyanomaly !!) and other friends. Except instead of only being able to like a picture of an item you find cute- you can buy it, and for a good price too.

Fun Fact: The name stands for WAnt, NEed, LOve. WaneLo. Cute, right?

I wish all of you luck as you go about your Christmas shopping endeavors. If you guys know of any good online shops, please feel free to share in the comments below! Happy Holidays(:


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