Christmas Tree Picking 

This post is soooo beyond overdue! Especially since my family and I picked our Christmas tree within the first few days of December.. and here it is more than a week later when I’m sharing it with you guys… (shame on me, i know) BUT I really wanted to show you guys what the experience was like.


This year makes year three of our newly annual tradition to go Christmas tree shopping the day after Thanksgiving. The first two years were a little easier, as we were able to find a good tree within the first 30 to 45 minutes of looking. Surprisingly, this year was a little harder.


The first day we went christmas tree shopping is what I have pictured here, however we actually took two days to find a good tree this year. All of the good, full, (*cough* cheap *cough*) perfectly rounded tree’s were taken!


It didn’t take away from the thrill of the trip…the first day anyway. By the second day, if I heard the question “What about this tree?” I nodded my head in agreement regardless of how I actually felt about it.


Overall, as it always is, the experience was a memorable one! Even if you don’t plan on buying a real tree for Christmas, it’s fun just to walk around and be around all of the fresh smelling christmas tree’s.




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