Happy New Year!!

Another year, another adventure! What kind of adventure it is however, is completely up to you. One of the biggest lessons I learned from 2016 is that no matter what circumstances you find yourself in, happiness is ultimately a decision you make for yourself.

While happiness can be caused by others, it’s roots remain in you. This year, one of the goals I have for my own personal growth is to take care of myself enough to keep deciding to be happy no matter the circumstance or situation. Life is too short to spend it depending on people and places for joy!

The outfit above is what I wore to a New Years Eve party FINALLY wearing my Michael Kors heels for the first time since I got them a little over two years ago. Surprisingly, even after all of the standing, walking, and dancing my feet underwent they didn’t hurt in the slightest by the end of the evening! I walked into 2017 with a new accomplishment: successfully lasting an entire night in high heels. Comfortably(;

Are there any accomplishments you feel like you made in 2016?

Top: Rue 21
Jeans: Wet Seal

Shoes: Michael Kors

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