Three Ways to Make 2017 Your Best Year Yet

There was a time when I had wondered why nothing was changing about the way my year would go. I knew I wanted to have a more positive and accomplished year in general but I never thought about how to insure that my year would be a positive one filled with accomplishments.

My lack of direction, however, has changed. I truly am greatful for those cloudy and unproductive days in which I questioned where I was going with my life. It was those days that gave me the fire I needed to come up with a plan to change the course of my year and make it a more productive and positive one.

2017 is NOT a year to stay lost and without a plan. Actually, no year is. I wanted to share with you guys three ways I’ve used (and am currently using) to set the new year on a great course! Here are three ways to make 2017 your best year yet!

1. Get Rid of Negetive Influences.

If something doesn’t make you smile, challenge you in some way, and/or educate you- it isn’t worth your precious and valuable time. It’s amazing what power you actually have over the influences in your life. I, for one, doubted that power for so long.

My train of thought was “anyone that is in my life, God must have put there for a reason”. Which…truth be told… isn’t the case all the time. Thanks to the gift of free will, we sometimes find ourselves in a room filled with people we shouldn’t be around. Negetive influences in your life don’t have to be “bad people”- they can just be bad for you. They either dampen your day in some way, shape, or form or simply just stunt your growth.

I’ve learned that it’s not only important to take a serious look at who in your life is that negetive influence for you- or maybe even what is that negetive influence- but crucial! The air always feels much clearer when you remove the thick grey coulds in your life.

2. Set goals that will make you feel accomplished by New Years Eve 2017. 

There is no feeling more satisfying than FINALLY doing something you’ve been wanting to do. Not only does it give you a sense of accomplishment, but it encourages you to strive for more! To set your goals higher and to take on more challenges.

The best goal setting system to use, in my experience, is the SMART goal setting system.SMART is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Agreed Upon (Achieveable), Realistic, and Time based. This system takes the goals you have and breaks them down into smaller steps so you can be sure you are on the right track to acheive the goals you set.

3. Remember where you’ve been, so you can get to where you want to be.

A few years ago, my family started a tradition. New years eve or New Years Day we sit down together and ask each other questions about the year. What was your lowest point this year? What was your favorite part about the year? Is there anything about this year you wish you could have done differently? etc. 

The cool part about doing it all together as a family is that we are able to give each other new perspectives and insights on situations that none of us gave a second thought to.

Reflecting on the year doesn’t mean you’re dwelling on the past (unless you do it day after day after day) but it does allow you to take the lessons you learned into cosideration so that as you navigate the new year you don’t run into the same problems and/or pains.

I wish all of you an amazing new year! What are some ways you’re attempting to make this year different from 2016?


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