1 Year Blog Anniversary!

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Denim Vibes!!

One year ago, on January 23rd 2016, I published my first blog post.

I can remember the sense of accomplishment and excitement I felt when I hit that publish button. I had rediscovered my long abandoned passion for writing. In blogging, I was hooked on writing all over again. While I didn’t start out the most consistent blogger in the blogosphere (I believe I went 5 months without publishing another post after the first one),  I loved posting!…when I knew what to post of course.

My original idea behind this blog (that largely influenced the name) had a lot to do with the hair care niche. I wanted to use the blogging platform to encourage other girls who are hesitant about rocking their natural hair by recording my hair growth journey. It didn’t take long before I realized that I am no hair expert, and still have a long way to go before I am. To this day I am all over the place, still trying new products and methods to use on my hair- most of which are recommended by other bloggers and youtubers. As a result, I decided I wanted The Curly Anomaly blog to do something a little more than talk about hair.

I don’t want this blog to be all about me. Sure, I share with you my personal style and many other life adventures. Instead of you guys solely reading about my life however, I want you to leave inspired, encouraged, and more than that- feeling like you just read a (rather long) text message from a good friend!

To start year 2 of blogging off right, I thought it would be fitting to get to know you lovely people better.<3

I came up with a small survey of 6 questions just to kind of get a feel for who you are and why you find yourself here! All you have to do is just click here:


and spend 2 minutes letting me know a few things about you.

When you’re done, simply comment “Done” letting me know you’ve taken the survey!tca-1



4 thoughts on “1 Year Blog Anniversary!

  1. Hiiiii Courtney! Happy 1 year Blog Anniversary! Isn’t it crazy how time goes by so quicky?! Gosh.I took the survey, as well. However, I think it’s a great idea you’re embracing your natural hair. I’ve been having troubles with mine over the month due to hair dye :/ but other than that… I enjoy your blog and can’t wait to see more!

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    1. Thank you Kryss!! Exactly! Time truly does fly when your having fun. Thanks for taking the survey<3 It's been interesting to see what the responses have been from different people. I've heard it can be a little difficult to deal with natural hair after using hair dye's… are you dealing with dryness? Thanks for following!:D Can't wait to see more from you as well!


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