3 Ways to Get More Energy 

 Welcome to Mad Cute Monday! A not so new series I am starting on the blog since this is not the first time I’ve done a OOTD post. I want to exercise the freedom of talking about more than just the outfit I’m wearing (even though I totally LOVE these shoes! Oh, and can we just mention how adorable this strapless blouse is??). On Mad Cute Monday’s there will be an OOTD and with it, a short rant about a WOTD (word of the day), QOTD (quote of the day), or POTD (phrase of the day)! Feel free to suggest words, quotes, and phrases for upcomming posts in the comments.

Todays word? Energy.

 According to statistics, about 45 percent of us Americans are tired (whether we had coffee this morning or not). It’s amazing how many of us walk around on a daily basis living off of energy drinks or sugary snacks.

It’s difficult to stay away from what your body (and even your taste buds) are used to!  

 If you’re like me, and you DON’T want to depend on energy booster commodities for energy here are three ways to boost your natural energy:

1. Plan Out The Day

Part of getting natural energy is knowing how to spend your energy at all.

It is difficult to go to sleep at night thinking of all the things you STILL have to do… especially when it’s a lot. Disorganization and procrastination are costly, even more so when they’re combined – so DON’T allow the two to mix. When I plan out my day, I do things in the order of most important to least important. That way everything I would stress about doing is already taken care of and everything I want to do… well, I have time to do!

2. Make Time to Relax

One thing I’ve been guilty of in the past is piling too many to-do’s on my plate. Doing so much would cause me to burn out and as a result, slip into a lazy do-nothing period. Once I start to feel too lazy, I’m right back on the burnout schedule. See the problem?

There is a time to work, and there is a time to rest. 

Not only is this principle scriptural (Ecclesiastes 3)- but it’s scientific. Overworking leads to stress, and stress can open the door to many different sicknesses. It’s important to make time to chill and unwind throughout the week.

3. Wake Up Early to Go to Sleep Earlier.

 OK, so yes- this is a bit obvious. It’s never as easy as it sounds though! After all, some of us actually have legit reasons for being night owls…right? Wrong.

This line of thinking led me to a 2:30am-11am sleep schedule… no joke. I’m seriously still struggling getting my body out of that natural sleep cycle…

The only solution to breaking that night owl cycle is inching your way up the clock. 

It takes time, but inching my way up the clock in thirty minute increments has helped me to get my body used to earlier nights and earlier mornings. No, I’m still not asleep by 9, BUT I’ve worked myself up to 1 am! Old habits really do die hard, but putting in a little effort proves worth it in the end.

What are some ways you’ve used to get more energy?


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