Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day Being Single

 Take Yourself out to Your Favorite Restaurant

News Flash: Food. is. food.

It doesn’t matter who is there enjoying it with you. Take your butt off of that couch and go indulge in the heavenly aroma of a freshly cooked meal from your favorite restaurant.

In the movie the Last Holiday (a movie about a woman who finds out she only has a few short months to live and therefore decides to blow her money doing the things she’s always wanted to do before she dies) there is a scene that has always stood out to me.

The woman decides to go to this lavish, high end restaurant. She arrives to the restaurant in a gorgeous red gown and is visibly awe struck about where she is. The waiter takes her to her table, hands her a menu, and she sits down oh-so-graciously and looks at the menu. She has a beautiful light about her. Here she is sitting all by herself in this gorgeous restaurant, and yet she is perfectly satisfied and beaming with joy! She laughs with the waiters, engaging in small talk as they give her the food she ordered. When they leave she’s just enjoying herself, eating divine cuisine, savoring every bite. Just her.

 That’s what being single should look like all the time.

 Invite your single friends over for a Valentine’s Day Gift Exchange Party

This one could be a lot of fun! You can decide to make it a regular gift exchange and pick a cap of maybe 20 bucks or so? OR you can make it fun and have a white elephant (what is that?) valentines day themed gift exchange.

If you want it to be super bomb, it’d be a cool idea to decorate. If you’re gonna do it at all, you might as well do it big!

 Have an at-home Spa Day

If you don’t feel like going out, bring some self-care inside. I love days like these! You can go buy a face mask, nail polish, and a good movie (or just surf Netflix) and chill at home. Maybe even make a light desert, or just go pick one up. Order takeout or pizza and relax.

It doesn’t have to stop there either of course. All of these suggestions can be done with just you as well as with a friend. No biggie. The more the merrier, the less… the merrier.

  Get dressed up & go to a place you’ve never been before.

There is no way you’ve been everywhere in your city… unless you have. In either case, look for a place you haven’t been before and try it out! You could love it or you could hate it but either way, you get a fun little adventure out of it.

 Spend a day on detox

Okay, so maybe Valentine’s day is not the day you want to spend pigging out. Instead, spend the day doing things to boost your health! Give yourself a certain health centered schedule to stick to that day.

Maybe you go to bed earlier the night before Valentine’s day so you can wake up earlier. Maybe then you can do that morning jog you “never have time” to do.. (mhm, we’ve all heard that one before..). Plan out your meals so that whatever you eat that day is healthy in some way.

Try to spend the entire day doing something active and eating healthy. 

Maybe you could even go so far as to trying to be a vegetarian for a day? No? Yes? It’s just a suggestion..


I can’t think of a more love centered deed than serving someone else without asking for anything in return. See if there is a local nursing home that could use some help. Or maybe try to volunteer for a soup kitchen. Google local places where you can volunteer.

You may make someone’s day by just being there to help, you never know! 

This Valentine’s day is another I am spending single. Some might say that with a bit of a sad tone, but not me. It’s become something I’m actually proud to say at this point! With the goals I have set to accomplish in my early twenties, I am not sure I would be able to accomplish them as easily with a boyfriend.

I think it’s important to acknowledge the positive in whatever relationship status you have… nine times out of ten.. there always is! If you’re single, what are you loving about being single right now? And if you are in a relationship, what is it about your relationship that you love?


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