House Clothes Essentials

I thought the term “house clothes” seemed pretty self-explanatory but according to the internet (and the Urban Dictionary therein) there are a few different definitions. My own definition is simply comfortable clothing that is not pajamas but only worn in the house.

Some of these clothes are retired items I no longer wish to wear outside yet don’t want to get rid of them, and others serve as both house clothes and regular clothes. On the days I have nowhere to go, I’m the kind of person that would spend all day in bed if I didn’t get dressed up to some extent…  All of these are favorites of what I choose from when I want to have a productive day at home in comfort!

Cuddly Cover Ups

cover up edit

seriously cannot edit

I am never satisfied without a sweater nearby. I swear one minute I’m feeling like I’m sun bathing in the hot desert sun and the next I feel like I’m in an igloo in Antarctica. The black and white cover up allows me to neutralize that body temp. As for the white “seriously cannot” sweatshirt, because of how oversized it is (the very thing I love about it!) it doesn’t hug me enough to keep a lot of my body heat inside, therefore making it a go-to when I want something warm to lounge in that won’t make me too hot to the point where I will take it off five minutes later.

Tops for Every Mood of the Week

tank top edit

more sleep edit

bossy queen editBecause who doesn’t like shirts that speak for you on the days you just can’t?  The first top I find myself wearing mostly on the days I’m cleaning. The print is so vibrant looking. Plus, its a tank top! Tank tops are always good go-to’s when you’re moving around and about. The other two shirts I purchased because the words are pretty much either lines from the story of my life or just sassy and cute. Either way, I wouldn’t ever wear them out so in the house clothes drawer they go!

Leggings… of all kinds

christmas leggings editleggings editAbsolute comfort. I have way more than the ones pictured but I have quite an obsession with leggings (mostly ones with different designs). I only ever wear them out every once in a blue moon but I reach for a pair of leggings almost every time I’m at home. I don’t have anything against shorts, but they do not protect my legs from getting cold as they tend to around the house! Seriously there really is nothing you can’t do in a soft and comfy pair of leggings.


Cute and Cozy Slippers

booties edit

grey booties editOnce you get used to walking around your house in a pair of slippers, walking around barefoot just feels awkward… Slippers like these are perfect especially during the winter. They’re so cute too! I don’t believe I would have ever bought them myself had they not been given to me as a Christmas gift but ever since then, I’ve had a great appreciation for house slippers.

Fuzzy Socks & Leg Warmers

leg warmers editcute socks editI don’t care what anyone says, leg warmers are the sliced bread of winter apparel. They can complete anything and compliment any shoe. The ones pictured are nothing special in terms of design, but they do add a nice touch of comfort and style with clothes worn both indoors and outdoors. As for those fuzzy socks, I am in lovee! Not only are they fun and adorable looking but… well.. they’re fuzzy! Fuzzy = cozy = perfect at-home wardrobe addition.

What do you feel most comfortable in when at home?


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