Must Have Fitness Apps for Beginners

At the begining of this year, my mom purchased a few pieces of gym equipment and gym like flooring to turn one of the rooms in our house into an at home gym. After just two short weeks the room was completed and I can proudly say, I no longer have to pay for a gym membership! We (every family member excluding my mom- she doesn’t know about this) even gave it a cute little nickname; M.O.M(Mind Over Matter)’s Gym.

Now, I’ve had two gym memberships during my teen years (the only years a gym membership actually counts). The first membership was at the YMCA and the second was at a Fitness19. Both times I was given the opportunity to use weight lifting machines and both times I was super intimidated and didn’t know how to use them so I ended up spending 30 minutes on the elliptical…

If you know how beneficial those machines actually are (especially for a skinny girl who just wanted to gain some weight), you know how lame I was for not at least trying to do some research on how to effectively use them! Now that I have two of these kinds of workout machines in my own house, I am determined to use them and use them right!

My mom is practically a walking fitness dictionary so she has helped me a lot in understanding how to use them and make them work cohesively in workouts that target whatever muscle group I want to work, but I have also found a few apps that are helpful!



This app gives you a full, timed, machine-focused workout program to stick to. How cool is that?! It tells you how often to do the recommended workout, how to use the machines, and what muscles you are targeting when you are working them. Oh, and it’s free of course. I’m not going to sugar coat anything though, there are only two available workouts on this app if you choose to use the free version. There are many other workout regimens available for a monthly price that falls between $0.62  a week for 12 months and $39.99 for lifetime use of all of the apps features.


Fitbod is similar to Workout in that it allows you to chose what muscles you want to work out and demonstrates how to use the machines but more than that- it is a well organized workout tracker! It shows you how many time’s you’ve worked out during the week, keeps track of what exercises you did on the days you worked out, and tells you how long its been since you’ve worked out each muscle group. After each workout, the app tells you how many calories you burned as well. It’s like a gym diary slash dictionary.


I find this app more useful for using that really intimidating weight bar… you know the one all the professional weight lifters lift just above the ankles or mayyybe mid-calf and drop really fast like if they were to hold on any longer their arms would break?… that one! There is a substantial amount of free workouts available on the app, but even more are available for a small monthly fee. This one is fairly simple. Once you complete a workout, you get a certain amount of points. If that type of reward system can motivate you, it’s worth the shot!

Rep Count

Let’s say you googled a gym workout. The workout will probably tell you how many reps to do per set and how many sets to do. Sure you can use your phone’s timer to keep track of rest periods, but this app is a way you can keep track of all of that combined. Feel free to browse your phone as the rest timer tics, as the app will notify you when your rest period is up. Once it does, go back to the app and add a set to the number of sets you’ve completed. It’s an easy way to not only keep track of what you’re doing, but see the progress you’re making!

Hope this is able to bring some of you out of your comfort zones and into a healthy sweat during your next visit to the gym. Let me know how it works out for you.




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