Types of Journals that Help Increase Your Mental Clarity

At seven years old I was so inspired by the character Mia in the Princess Diaries that I started asking my parents if I could have a diary for whatever major holiday was coming up next. When I finally received one, I wrote in it religiously year after year, after year, and to this day I haven’t really stopped.

Yup! Thanks to seven year old me, I have 12 years of written documentation about my feelings towards every situation I’ve ever felt worthy of a diary page! You can imagine some of the hilariously overdramatic journal entries I have…

I’ve accumulated several different journals since then, all of which I’ve dedicated for different things. Today, I don’t know how I would function without one! I regard these specific types of journals as major tools I’ve used to increase my mental clarity and I thought I would share them with you guys!

Here are a few kinds of journals that help increase your mental clarity!

Vision Journal

Vision journaling is such a great tool to use to bring those “someday” goals so much closer to “today”. It’s similar to the idea of a vision board except it allows you to make the road map you need to actually complete your goals.

I started vision journaling recently and it has given me incentive to answer the questions you kind of shove in the back of your mind and label “will figure it all out later”.

Negativity Journal

The title explains everything you will ever put in this journal: Negative thoughts of any sort. This is the journal you get to let your emotions explode into… the bad ones of course.

I bought this journal at a time I felt terribly isolated and just down. I was attempting to go to the bible for strength and hope but every time I wasn’t reading the bible or praying to God my brain went on a down spiral of self/life loathing thoughts. I decided that I needed to release what I was bottling up inside somehow so I could find that positive voice buried underneath.

I decided to use a journal with a tie around it.

If you decide to keep a negativity journal, know that the number one rule you absolutely can NOT break is repeating, thinking about, revisiting anything you’ve written down. Once you write it, it stays there. It isn’t allowed to enter your brain anymore after that point.

Everytime I tie that journal up after using it, it’s as if I’m binding those negetive feelings in the journal, never to come out again.

Bullet Journal

My bullet journal is probably the coolest type of journal i’ve ever owned. It’s a completely customizable to-do list system & calendar.

I bought a journal from Five and Below for less than $5. It’s a simple notebook with regular lined pages (some prefer to use graph pages). Basically you get to create a planner from scratch. You can add pages such as a habit tracker page, inspirational quotes page, study log page, etc. The list goes on!

Prayer Journal

Initially I thought writing out prayers just seemed kind of extra and unnecessary but it really allows you to visibly see how God responds and even when he responds.

I’ve oganized my prayer journal in a similar fashion as my bullet journal. I have a prayer habit tracker page, a “Verses to read when…” page, and an index to let me know where I can find notes that I’ve taken for different bible studies.

The perfect way to start off my morning is with this journal, my bible, and a warm cup of coffee. Then I’m officially ready to start the day!

Self-Care Journal

I love using this journal for estabishing good habits. If I want to tweak anything about my day to day life I record it in here. You can also use a self-care journal to track your daily diet, workout progress, experiences resisting a bad habit, and more.

It’s all about maintaining mental and physial health in this journal.

Have you guys ever tried to keep one of these journals? If so, what has your experience been with them?

Happy Sunday everyone!

7 thoughts on “Types of Journals that Help Increase Your Mental Clarity

  1. I think people would be surprised how much writing something down can help. I used to journal when I was younger, but I would write them in a form of a letter to whomever the thoughts applied to.

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