Sacrifices You Have To Make When You Stay True to Yourself

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Staying true to who you are and what you believe in is something we should all naturally do without thinking twice. As true as that is however, it is also true that in life situations can arise that challenge your confidence in who you are. Sometimes being true to yourself means being looked at as an outcast or being humiliated. The most rewarding life lessons are often learned through the toughest situations. Here are a few things you may have to lose when you choose to stay true to yourself even when it’s hard.

1. Companionship

Haters are gonna hate. People aren’t always going to agree with you and the decisions you make. Because of that, they may not like you. At the end of the day sometimes the only right path to take is the one you have to walk alone. Sure it’s always nice to have a friend, but it can’t be that nice if that friendship only comes at the expense of being your true self.

2. Popularity

Authentic personalities are only valuable to the majority if that majority can relate or is entertained in some way. This doesn’t mean that any other authentic personality isn’t just as authentic, just that it isn’t valued by that group of people. Since when is anyone’s individual value based upon how many people they can get to like them? A diamond is considered valuable but it doesn’t mean that it is everyone’s favorite stone. In the end, you are extremely valuable whether you are popular or not.

3. Respect From Others

If someone is considered “weird” or any other word that isolates them from the majority of people, respect becomes something people view as optional… Optional with no real consequences if they choose to give it or not. It’s unfortunate but unless it is demanded in some way, shape, or form by either person, it won’t be given. But it is certainly something that can be demanded.

4. Invitations (A Social Life)

If you find yourself isolated because you are who you are, invitations may come far and few in between… if they come at all.  Your social life essentially becomes a small section of your life consisting of a few day-to-day exchanges and interactions. It’s the perfect set-up for a time allotted to self-discovery and peace in quiet. Which brings me to the last sacrifice…

5. Noise

Meaning pleasant noise directed to you. Conversations and laughter.  As mentioned in number 1, sometimes the only right road to take is the one you have to walk alone. That singularity is often exaggerated by a lot of quiet and because of this, it could make a person feel pretty lonely and isolated. While it often appears as a curse, it is actually a blessing in disguise. There aren’t too many times in life that you will have minimal noise. The best option when faced with it, by choice or not by choice, is to make the best out of it in every way that you can. Allow your creativity to roam free a bit and do the things that only you can do. Keep yourself busy and surrounded by things that will build you up and keep you happy. Being alone does not have to bring you to feeling lonely.

All throughout life there are plenty of situations that transform you and allow you to change different aspects of yourself naturally. Never does any good and lasting transformation come because being yourself isn’t the “cool” thing to be. Staying true to yourself even when it’s hard brings a priceless strength that only comes through the consequence of opposition.



5 thoughts on “Sacrifices You Have To Make When You Stay True to Yourself

  1. Hello! I thoroughly enjoyed your post! Number five is very key to staying true to yourself! In order to stay true to yourself it is necessary to tune out anyone and everyone else’s voice so you can tune in not only to yourself, but God as well! Thank you for writing such an honest article and for being such an inspiration to others!

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