Bright and Springy

IMG_7646IMG_7648IMG_7670IMG_7682IMG_7698IMG_7715    April showers bring May flowers! 

When it comes to spring fashion, anything bright, floral, flowy, or all three is acceptable.

Rarely have I seen someone wear all black in the spring successfully (although I am tempted to take on that challenge…) because spring is the PERFECT time for bright colors!

That’s my favorite thing about spring fashion.

I am guilty of looking to pair articles of clothing together so they either match or have a good contrast but that can be difficult to do with shirts that have busy colorful patterns. Pairing a flowy shirt that has a colorful pattern (such as the one pictured above) with lighter color jeans is a great way to dress it up without making it look too busy!

During the spring time you can also take the same main color and just sprinkle different tones of it throughout the outfit in accessories. These shoes I tried on with this outfit just for the humor of it, and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I actually liked the way it brought everything together.

What do you find you like the most about spring fashion?

Shirt: Rue21

Pants: Rue21

Shoes: Ross

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