Turn Your Instagram Feed Into An Affirmation Feed with These 7 IG Accounts

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Oh how we love Instagram. Statistics continue to show it as more and more people hop on the IG train. We show it by how much we use it and refer to it either on a daily or at least weekly basis. It can be addictive looking at photo’s and videos after photo’s and video’s of people doing cool things, going cool places, and with other people!

Like anything addictive, it can be pretty bad for our health. No, I am not talking about our physical health (although I’m sure it affects that too) but mental health. It’s not unheard of anymore for someone to announce the need for an Instagram break for reasons related to the need to build up some aspect of self.

But what happens after the break?

It’s right back to the same feed that got us to that point. The cycle just keeps repeating… unless we do something to change that envy/self-loathing feed of course. In the words of Queen Bey:

Your torturer [can indeed] become your remedy. (All Night is the song… if you think I’m crazy and don’t know Queen Bey  *cough* jokes on you *cough*)

Simply following accounts that inspire, motivate, and lift you up could transform your frequent little Instagram sessions into little recharge sessions.

The following accounts I have listed are accounts I have found to be helpful sporadic affirmations as I scroll my own feed, helping to keep my mentality in check and my time on Instagram well spent. I’ve included the links (just click the titles) so you could check them out yourself and by following, transform your IG feed into an affirmation feed as well!



The captions for these photo’s are quite short due to the fact that everything that needs to be said is in the photo. This account posts at least 4 times a week and is all about encouraging you in loving yourself!



Approx. posts a day: 5

Posts by this account will help motivate you to get off of Instagram and do something productive with your time. Love that about this one! They also post things about how to positively navigate relationships and things of that sort.



Approx. posts a day: 1

Although the title could lead you to believe this is an account for men, it’s not. Not only does this account include lengthy encouraging and inspiring captions, but some times it even includes videos which is a nice, semi-interactive touch to a motivational account.



Approx. posts a day: 16+

Because of how much this account posts, your very likely to stumble on one of there encouraging posts even if you are scrolling on Instagram for just a short minute. This IG posts short little encouragements related to relationships, self-love, finding happiness and many more good topics.



Approx. posts a day: 4

If any thoughts arise that ever make me question God and his involvement/care about my life, this account is a way to remind me of biblical truths so that I don’t lean on my own understanding (Proverbs 3:5-6). This account offers good encouragement for believers in their walk with God.



Approx. posts a day: 0-1 (maybe 3 posts a week)

Vexking offers superb good quality captions. All of which are pretty lengthy for IG captions (they seem more like short blog posts) but they are worth the read every time. He covers pretty much any and everything related to keeping a positive mentality and healthy perspective on life.



Approx. posts a day: 2

Similar to thegoodquote, positivevibesquotes offers short captions and pictures with small affirmations and proverb’s about keeping healthy relationships with others and a healthy mindfulness of yourself.

Even though these are my personal pics for amazing accounts, I also want to encourage you to do a little more looking and follow more accounts like these! You’d be surprised by how many encouraging and motivational accounts are on Instagram with big followings and with small followings. You may find more that you like.

If there are any positive accounts you like to follow, be sure to share in the comments!











10 thoughts on “Turn Your Instagram Feed Into An Affirmation Feed with These 7 IG Accounts

      1. Hmm, a little of both. The frequency is definitely one issue, but then I don’t follow accounts like this so normally avoid that problem. They just don’t float my boat lol, a lot of people must love them and find they improve their day but a i don’t need a post telling me that everything will be ok. Because well it may not be. Instagram to me isn’t tumblr and that’s where inspirational posts live along with the annoying relatives that post endless ones on Facebook. (I also have unpopular opinions on memes) x

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I can understand that! Although now a days it seems like every social media is starting to adopt the same things (instagram and snapchat for example), I guess it really does depend on the person and what they make of their different social medias. Thanks for sharing your viewpoint xx

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