May Goals

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetHappy Friday friends!

It feels like just last week I was pondering what goals I wanted to achieve in 2017 before the new year hit, and yet here we are five months into the new year already! I did enter this year with a list of goals I wanted to achieve in 2017, but haven’t set any monthly goals since January… It’s about time for me to get back to it!  Now that we are in the month of May I’ve been feeling this urge to be more organized and intentional with my time. More than I have been anyway! With that being said, here is a list of goals I want to achieve this month:

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  • Finish reading The Girl on the Train

I started reading The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins two months ago. I told myself that I would read it and then rent the movie when I was finished foolishly thinking that I’d be done reading it within a few short weeks. I have been itching to see the movie soo bad, but I refuse to let myself watch it before I read the book! This month I’m determined to see that movie!

  •  Successfully complete my content calendar

I’ve made a content calendar for this blog before but shamefully never really stuck to it ( I got a little too ambitious and as a result, unrealistic). At the beginning of this month, I carefully thought and planned it out. Now I have no excuses 😛

  • Workout at least 2x a week every week.

It’s easy for me throw myself into a really intense week of working out, but hard to keep it up every week. It’s better to be consistent about at least a little activity than to be on and off of fitness high’s.

  • Be in bed by 11pm every week night.

My sleep schedule has incredibly improved from what it used to be, but I’m still shaking my nocturnal tendencies off.

  • Set aside 1 hour at least 2x a week to learning something new/studying

I procrastinate way too much when it comes to setting aside study time. Then again who doesn’t now-a-days. Regardless of how many struggle with it, I know I have been trying to change my mindset from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. Growth mindsets are willing and even craving opportunities to learn, therefore this is an avenue I can exercise that in.

  • Edit my resume

I am graduating this month (Aaaat laaaaaast!!) and taking a much-needed gap year during which I will (hopefully) be working/traveling. I can’t start applying for jobs until everything concerning graduation has died down, so this is something I can have prepared before then.

Do you have any goals you want to accomplish this month?


8 thoughts on “May Goals

  1. This month I have so many goals. I am on a journey to replace my income so I’m working on a couple streams of income. I also plan to clean up my diet so we can start trying to conceive our rainbow baby and I want to do a fast because my June is packed. I need to come in strong. I look forward to following your blog.

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    1. That’s awesome. Looks like you’ll be getting that work!! Best of luck to you and I will pray God blesses you this month in your endeavors (especially to conceive your baby!). & Thank you!<3


  2. i procrastinate way too much to…. but i honestly don’t think you will be in bed by the said time, that i doubt. I like your blog its well detailed and well thought of would be humbled to collaborate with you some day

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  3. I watched the Girl on the Train – great film! Hope you can watch it soon! I also struggle with my content calendar as well, but I feel like if we create realistic goals, and not cram too much in a short period of time, we’ll follow it. Good luck!
    Natalie | Holistic Health, Lifestyle, & Travel

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  4. This month my goal is to monitor my money. I want to see data at the end of the month and really see where my money’s going. And tackle a new budget for June.


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