Essential Light Packing Guide For A Day On a Boat

I’ve neglected the travel section of my blog for a quite a while.

It’s not like I travel all of the time BUT even so, it’s not like I never go anywhere either (especially since I’ve had this blog)!

I figured since summer is fast approaching and it is practically already swimsuit season, I’d throw it back to last summer’s surprise boat trip and even offer a packing guide compiled of things I wish I would have brought as well as things I’m thankful I brought!

IMG_8768 (1)  Surprise Boat Trip?

I was completely clueless about what I wanted to do for my 19th birthday. Actually… It’s pretty typical of me to be clueless about how to spend my birthday’s in general.

So last year, as a partial birthday surprise and partial just-for-fun outing, on the weekend of my birthday my family and a few friends got together to spend the gorgeous yet hot summer day by the lake!

IMG_8686 (1)
The best panorama I could capture of a dock that overlooked the lake at the back of the cabin we visited.
IMG_8695 (1)
Beautiful lake-side houses we passed as we went further away from the shore.
IMG_8702 (1)
It was so hot that day. We kept putting our hands outside of the boat just to feel the water that the boat was kicking up.

If you ever get a chance to spend your day (or maybe even a few day’s) on a boat, here are a few things to take with you:

What to Pack

IMG_8758 (1)


  • Bathing Suit: A given. Whether you jump in the water or not, you will get wet to some degree.
  • A summer cardigan or cover-up for your bathing suit: When the sun is blocked by the clouds or/and it’s a windy day, it doesn’t get cold but it does start to feel a little chilly (especially if you’re wet from being in the water). You will feel ultra prepared and very happy when you’re able to pull out your cardigan if you ever feel chilly.
  • Towels: Duhh.
  • An extra pair of flip-flops/sandals: Better to be safe then sorry.
  • Shade providing hat: It can be a baseball cap or a sun hat, not only will it look adorable, but it’ll help you gain a little shade.
  • Sunglasses: To help you see when the sun is blaring in your face.
  • A pair of clothes that you can put on over your bathing suit: Even if you chose to stay in your bathing suit after the boat ride, again- better to be safe than sorry.
  •  A Large Bag: To hold everything in of course!


  • Snack Bag: Anything you typically eat poolside should be fine! We packed fruit, a couple frozen water bottles to keep the bag cold, water and tea, chips, and granola bars. Oh! And some napkins, plastic cups, and plastic plates of course.
  • Trash Bag


  • Camera: A given!
  • Backup batteries: If you’re anything like me, while you are on the boat you’re going to want to take pictures! It’s the absolute worst when you position yourself for the perfect shot and all of a sudden your device powers off. Bring a portable charging port for your phone or tablet and extra batteries if you want to bring devices that need them.
  • Cell phone: Wouldn’t want to forget that..


  • Bluetooth Speaker: It doesn’t matter what kind of music you like, it really enhances the experience.
  • On Deck Games & Water Game Equipment: We took tubing equipment and that was pretty much it. If it weren’t the only thing available to do on the boat, I probably would have opted out of tubing. I was terrified to try it! I am glad that I did, but it would have been nice to have other things available to do on the boat.

Other Essentials:

  • Sunscreen: The sun is a great natural tanner but it lowkey adds a few years to your unprotected skin.
  • Bug Spray: It will save your life.
  • Hand Sanitizer: For dealing with food on the boat.
  • Hair Clips/Ties: One of the things I wished I had more of. The more you have, the more convenient styles you’re able to accommodate.


    Processed with VSCO with g3 presetIMG_8756

It was such a fun, relaxing, and very much so needed trip! Especially since around this time I was always locked up in my room studying for exams.

Do you guys have any exciting plans for this summer?

– Courtney</3




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