A Sneak Peek of My Dream Handbag Shelf 

There is something about a handbag that accentuates an outfit and makes it look complete. Whether the style is edgy, urban, or classy, as long as the handbag complements it in some color or shape, it adds a cute feminine touch.

 The following handbags are the types of handbags I’ve had my eye on for a while but have yet to attain! Behold, my dream handbag shelf:

#1: Cute & Casual Backpack


These super fashionable backpacks classify as handbags now, and I adore them. I love the colors of this particular one, although I could see myself buying an assortment of colors. Pair this with some blue jeans, and it could really dress it up.

#2: Leather Tote Crossbody Bag


Usually I’m not a big fan of the black and brown color combo. This bag is one of the few exceptions. I could definitely see myself using this timeless tote as my daily go-to.

#3: Vintage Backpack


When I first saw this I immediately had googly eyes! I love vintage styled anything so this bag is right up my ally. I can’t resist.

#4: Little Bow Handbag


Out of all the purses on my list, this one I’ve wanted the longest. Dressy or casual, it doesn’t matter. This handbag adds a sophisticated style with a subtle cutesy flare to anything you pair it with.

#5: Artsy Chic


The overall look of this purse is very striking. It’s easy to envision pairing it with an urban looking outfit.

What’s on your handbag wish list?

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