5 Items You Need In Your Summer Wardrobe

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The official first day of summer is fast approaching for some and for others (like those in Texas) it feels as if it’s already here. I feel pretty behind as far as my shopping endeavors go since my closet is completely VOID of key summer pieces.

Typically when I go shopping for summer clothing, I’m scrounging through thrift shop isles or the clothing racks at the mall. This year I’m doing something different, embracing the millennial trend of doing shopping online. Truthfully, with the online shops I’ve found, I don’t think any of the stores I have around me can compare in price or available styles. With that being said, within this post, in the titles of each of the items listed are links to the coolest online shops I know you can find these items at! A lot are on sale for super great prices, so I had to share them with you guys!

 The following items are absolute must have pieces in a summer ready wardrobe!

5 Items

  1.  Cover-Up’s

These are perfect for trips to the pool and beach. Not only are they easy to slip on and off but they’re sold in so many cute styles. The crochet scalloped one in particular catches my eye because of the scalloped edges. It’s design is a mixture of vintage and tropical, which I love. Not to mention the fact that white always exaggerates tans. So yeah, I’m planning on grabbing one of these pretty soon.


2.                                     Maxi Dress’s

Maxi dresses can be considered a little formal at times, but in my opinion it’s all about how they’re worn. Since they can be dressed up or dressed down with a simple change of hairstyle or shoes, Maxi dresses can be suitable for various summer occasions. If you search for them online, you’re bound to find several styles (and even colors of the same style) you love.

3.                                         Rompers 

If you don’t try on a romper at least once during the summer, are you even doing summer right? Rompers can be kind of hard to shop for since there are many different body types and only a small variety that cater to each. Once you find one that has that perfect fit though, it’s an investment worth making!

4.                                           Sandals

A no brainer. The beauty of summer is that it’s hot enough to the point that whatever skin you can afford to leave uncovered, you are allowed to leave uncovered. This includes your feet. Summer is sort of an unspoken no-socks season.

5.                                          Summer Hat’s

Straw hats are such a classy touch to a summer outfit. They look amazing paired with a maxi dresses, rompers, and shorts or capris and a nice blouse. Pretty much any summer outfit you can imagine putting together, these hats are the cherry on top to.  I couldn’t complete this list without them!

What do you consider a staple summer wardrobe item for you?

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