June Goals

Hello everyone!

How did your May go? If you set any monthly goals, did you get to accomplish all of them? If not, did you complete any of them? If you’re even slightly disappointed about not reaching a goal, don’t be too hard on yourself. We all have times we leave certain goals uncompleted. When I posted my May goals, I wanted to be sure that I kept it real with you guys about my success in completing each goal. If I’m going to post about my successes, surely I can post about my failures. No one is perfect and I am not even going to attempt to portray that I am. With that being said…

Here are last month’s goals:

  • Finish reading The Girl on The Train  
  • Successfully complete my content calendar  
  • Workout at least 2x every week
  • Be in bed by 11pm every week night (…tee hee… uh… about that…) 
  • Set aside 1 hour at least 2x a week to study something
  • Edit my resume

… >.<

Goals: 1 | Me: 0

So the month of May was not my most productive month… While I am not too happy about all of the goals I didn’t accomplish, I will say that last month really showed me what I need to perfect about my method of goal setting. My mantra for the goals I decided to set for this month was “Be Specific!” and that I was. Here are my goals for June:

  • Get at least 700 total blog views for the month of June

In January, my total views for the month capped at 665. April’s views capped at 370. Going into May, I had this unspoken goal to at least get more views than I did in April but aim to get more monthly views than January. To my excitement, the total blog views for the month of May capped at a total of 697 views! Time to get a new goal!

  • Complete 2 books.

I really want to fill my leisure time with things that actually benefit me in some way. At the end of May, I received a few books related to personal development and adulting and I am super excited to read them!! This month I hope to complete at least two.

  • Workout a total of 10 times this month.

I figured that a countdown number of workouts will keep me motivated enough to make time to workout.

  • Complete June’s Content Calendar.

Last month’s content calendar proved to be a success! There were a few quirks, so I made this month’s content calendar a tad more enhanced. I have included dates and times for certain photo shoots, editing posts, and times for social media. I’m hoping this will give me a clearer head so whenever I am not blogging I don’t have to worry about blog related things.

  • Come up with a budgeting plan between 6-2-17 and 6-16-17.

Before I get a job I really want to make sure I have a budgeting plan. In no way do I want to start making money without a plan for how to best utilize what I make. I’ve been very careful about spending any money for the sake of making the wisest, most beneficial monetary choices as right now I’m extremely anal about that.

Do you have a routine or particular method you use when you set goals? If so, I’d love to know about it!




17 thoughts on “June Goals

    1. Thank you!! I really enjoyed it! It definitely kept me on the edge of my seat and even had me playing detective as I read it. If you can handle the creepy suspense, you should definitely give it a read! Thank you again Elaine! ❤


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