What I Wore: Coffee Shop Outing

IMG_8402 As much as I love coffee, I barely frequent coffee shops. I am well aware of how empty my pockets would be if I visited coffee shops as frequently as I crave coffee, so I have learned to make most of the drinks I love at home. When I do go out for coffee, I look forward to the boost of productivity I typically get from the atmosphere. You’re very likely to find someone typing away on a laptop or reading the newspaper. Something about seeing other people in their own zone of focus encourages me to really hone in on my own.

In this small outing to the coffee shop, I wore warmer, more neutral tones. The embroidered off-shoulder blouse just screams vintage, so I paired it with something that would highlight the blouse by being just as vintage looking in the wedges. I love wearing wedges when I know I might have to do some walking but still want to dress it up just a tad more than I would by wearing a typical sandal. Because of the textures and tones in the embroidery, I just had to pair it with some blue jeans and tie it all together  with my A1 bag: the classic Brown Cross body bag. When will it ever go out of style? I have no idea. But I do know that it serves me in way too many ways through out my everyday life for me to give it up.



Do you have one accessory that you just can’t live without, regardless of what’s trending? Let me know in the comments.

Top: Target

Bag: Target

Jeans: JC Penny’s

Shoes: Khols

Tops Similar in Style:


Shirred Embroidered Off the Shoulder Blouse




similar blouse1
Ethnic Style Women’s Off The Shoulder Long Sleeve Blouse


similar blouse2
White Spaghetti Strap Off The Shoulder Long Sleeve Blouse





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