An Easy Way to Find the Perfect Pair of Sunglasses

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There is no way on earth I could justify purchasing a pair of $100 sunglasses straight from the internet without physically checking them out first. I don’t care who the glasses are from or how cute they look in the picture, it is just not going to happen.

Since fall is approaching, I figured it’s the perfect time to search for a chic pair of fall sunglasses and found Warby Parker’s variety to be amazing! Luckily, they offer an at home try-on program which gave me the opportunity to see how the glasses I liked would look and feel on me!

How Does It Work?


All you do is pick out 5 pairs of sunglasses you’re interested in trying. If you’re like me, and have a hard time determining what would look good on your face based strictly off of a picture, you can take their frames quiz to get their recommendations. I did heed a few of their personal picks for me based off of my quiz answers, but I decided to try other pairs that I thought looked pretty cool as well!


After you pick out your five, you put in your credit card info (a precautionary. You’re not charged a single cent!) and your address. Once completed, you’re sent an email saying that the glasses are on their way! You are given 5 days to try them out, post on social media to see what your friends think (and if you use the hashtag #WarbyHomeTryOn, the Warby Parker team can comment and tell you which pair they think looks best on you too), and just get a feel for them. Then, on the 5th day you send them right back for free.

My 5 Picks!

IMG_0338After I ordered my sunglasses, it took exactly a week for them to show up at my doorstep and I was super excited when they did! Here are the shades I decided to try (click on the titles to get the prices!):

Madison in Whiskey Tortoise 


IMG_0400The first thing I looked at with every pair of these glasses was the quality. I thought for sure I would get at least one with a loose hinge or scratches on the glasses, after all they were sent to me for free. Other than one whose screw seemed a little too tight, they seemed very durable and all were in perfect condition.

Thatcher in Jet Black Matte


DPP_204These glasses in particular actually made me think that I might have an issue choosing a favorite… Thatcher was one of the ones I chose to just experiment with and I actually really liked it! It doesn’t fit the bill for “fall shades” but I could totally see them being a perfect go-to pair in the winter time!

 Jennings in Beach Glass


DPP_53Jennings, like the rest of the sunglasses, is sold in other colors. One color is “Beach Glass” and the other color is “Whiskey Tortoise” which is the color pattern you see on Madison. I chose “Beach Glass” because the color struck me as a little different and interesting. Sure enough, the color is pretty much my favorite thing about them! Not to mention the fact that they’re perfect for any occasion both casual and formal.

Laurel in Oak Barrel



The lenses for these, like Madison, are dark brown. The frame is similar to Madison’s as well but a little less dramatic around the brow line. They are gorgeous and unique all their own.

Sheridan in Polished Gold 


DPP_0009DPP_4Can you tell I had way too much fun trying these out?? Sheridan was actually my favorite pair. I love the 70’s-ish look about them and I found they fit me perfectly! Once the 5 days was up, all I had to do was put them back in the box, slap the return label on it, and drop it off at the post office. Overall, the process was fairly simple, fun, FREE, and ultimately gave me the surety I needed to purchase one that would fit me!

Have you ever owned a pair of Warby Parker sunglasses? If not, which pair pictured here do you like the most?

33 thoughts on “An Easy Way to Find the Perfect Pair of Sunglasses

  1. You look amazing in all 5, Warnby Parker would have lol my money because I would of kept all 5! 😊 Thanks for this info, I’ve never heard of them and may check them out.

    Which did you end up choosing?

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