Two Ways to Wear Pink Shoes in the Fall

I am in love with the sprinkles of pink I’ve seen in fall fashion lately! I am not obsessed with the color, but I do like to play around with it from time to time. When it comes to casual shoes, I rarely experiment with colors that aren’t neutral however, I have been feeling the need to liberate myself from that box this fall with these adorable pink shoes from Shoetopia!

The pink velvet fabric adds such a nice warm touch to any outfit which I find perfect for the season! Especially when I am forgoing jackets or sweaters because the weather isn’t cool enough for layering just yet.

Although both of the following looks are specific to pink shoes, both types of looks are applicable when wearing any kind of bold shoe. On one occasion you can choose to dress up the shoe a bit and accent it with the accessories and on another you can keep it casual and downplay the outfit to highlight the shoes. Either way, I adore the way these shoes heighten both styles! Casual and tomboy.




Do you like to wear bold pops of color? If so, in what way/s do you prefer to wear them?

Top: Khols

Sweatshirt: Mardel

Jeans: JC Penny

Bag: JC Penny

Shoes: Shoetopia


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