24 Days Without Social Media in Pictures (Where Have I Been?)

If you are following me on Instagram, you might have seen my last instagram story was essentially a farewell to social media. I am a huge advocate of taking frequent social media breaks just to keep its usage at a healthy level and I took a total of 0 breaks in 2017. That is… until I decided to take the month of December off of every kind of social media platform. Including the blog.

I needed a bit of mental solitude to place all of my focus on being present and in the moment, as I feel I often need in order to maintain a certain level of self-care (and sometimes sanity ha ha). Don’t we all though?

As all of my social media breaks have proven to be, the break was much-needed and much enjoyed! Upon re-entering the social media/blogging realm (world… cyberspace?..), I thought I would bring a little snapshot of my camera roll just to show you guys where I’ve been and what this December contained for me!

Have a peak!(:

12/3: Reading with a View IMG_9900

Before November, it had been years since I rented a library book. I blame that on the gut inkling I had that I lost my insanely overdue books… because UHF COURSE I would. >.<

Luckily, when I visited there was nothing of the sort on record, SO, I dove headfirst into the available assortment of books trying to find a good read.

This one, Letters to a Young Writer, by Colum McCann was so insightful and perfect for the aspiring book author that I am. Definitely a suitable over-the-holidays read for me since I probably would have never left my house had it been a novel. Nights like the one pictured above were cherished immensely.

12/5: Celebrating Birthday of the Month #1

Gag gifts are the best B)

December is one of the busiest months of the year for my family. On top of the fact that we are often sneaking out buying gifts for each other for Christmas (and sneaking those gifts back in to wrap them stealthily), taking part in our advent, attending different Christmas themed events, and the hustle that comes with working during the holidays, there are two birthdays in the midst!

My dads’ is birthday number 1. We try to plan birthdays that aren’t too smothered by the holiday theme, trying to make sure birthday gifts are still considered when gift shopping.

I can proudly say that this year my mom, sister, and I were able to afford gifting him one of the most technologically advanced gadgets on the market (as shown above). We bought him a few others, but i mean, really… what else is even remotely relevant when you gift an iArm? ;P

My mom, my younger sister, and I planned a movie and a lunch for the first half of the day. We let him decide what he wanted to do for the rest, which, turned out to be nothing more than to watch more movies.

12/8: Playing in the Snow We Don’t Get Enough Of



Only those who live in the south can even begin to grasp the value of that heaven-sent white gold on the ground in these photos. Before this random day, it hadn’t snowed in Texas in 8 years. December 4th, 2009 was the last we witnessed a snowy Texas day.

I was all over the scene with my phone in hand, snapping pics and videos of every moment because it’s been SEVEN long and hot Decembers y’all! Unfortunately what I couldn’t photograph was the major snowball fight my family had. Now that was way too intense to photograph…

12/16: Ordering Vegan at Restaurants Known for Their Sausage


Every year for the past three years we’ve attended a Christmas party that is held at an italian restaurant specifically praised for their sausage. Last time I went to this particular restaurant I was vegetarian, therefore I had more options to choose from. This time I ordered a salad with only a few minor adjustments. Needless to say; I came, I saw the menu, I conquered. (;

I do try to stay away from ordering salads when out because there are ways to request ordinarily meat/dairy-infused meals to be made vegan (If you want a post on this, let me know!). My will power at this restaurant has been tested twice at this point and I’m still going strong! *fingers crossed for next year*

12/17: Celebrating Birthday #2



Birthday #2 was none other than my wonderful mother’s! It was probably the most lavish of the two birthdays. For lunch, we dined at a delicious indian food buffet with an extensive amount of vegan options (more on this place and others in an upcoming post!) and ended the day out with the coolest affordable christmas production I’ve been to thus far: the Christmas Spectacular.

If you live in the Houston area, definitely keep an eye out for this show in upcoming December’s and be sure to invite friends and family. It takes place every year and is an incredibly well-done show!

12/19: Watching Christmas Movies & Drinking Hot Cocoa


Every year my family makes a list of Christmas movies that we absolutely HAVE to watch together before Christmas. It is a tradition of ours to include How the Grinch Stole Christmas in that list every year. This picture perfectly depicts how almost every family movie night in December goes. I had my hot cocoa in hand, I was covered in a blanket, and we had a big bowl of popcorn to pass around!

I’m interested to know what Christmas movies you and your family love! Let me know what your favorites are in the comments!

12/20: Living in the Moment



There’s no other way I could explain the days leading up to Christmas. As a kid, I would feel extremely anxious during the days leading up to Christmas day but now it’s so different. It’s almost as if the christmas season in itself is the gift and christmas day is the farewell party.

It’s still something to look forward to but it’s only one day! How can there be so much excitement on one day and so much lack of content for the days leading to it? I definitely took each moment in stride and that made the christmas season all the more enjoyable.

12/25: Celebrating Christmas!

I decided to shorten my original month-long break on Christmas since I felt like I took advantage of it completely and just soaked up every second of the season. I didn’t capture any good pictures of anyone actually opening their gifts or even the gifts themselves as my brain took a minute to slip back into “consider for future blog post” mode. I did however, manage to capture a few Christmas morning moments.

12/26 and on: Preparing for the New Year


Typically in the last week of the year I do a lot of internal reflection. I think about habits I want to stop, habits I want to start, the people in my life, the best moments of the year, the worst moments of the year, and things of that nature. I’ve always felt it’s important to assess the year since it can be easy to lose sight of the person you wish to be and the places you hope to go in the midst of allowing situations and circumstances to determine what you do and who you become.

How was your December? What traditions do you and your family like to do together? Let me know in the comments! 

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