2018 Goals & Intentions 

If you set a goal for 2018, and you’ve already broken it within the first week p l e a s e don’t trash that goal. I already see the “Welp! I can always try for 2019!” attitude spreading around like a wildfire and it’s just sad. Unfortunately, we aren’t guaranteed “next year” and too often we take the year we are given for granted. Who said that a new year can only begin on January 1st? The year is 365 days long… it’s a cycle. Once those 365 days are up, it’s a new year. Who said you can’t pick one of those days to start your own 365 day cycle?

Now, why am I saying this? 

Partially, *cough* mostly *cough* because I need to hear it for myself. I think it’s easy to get defeated when you are focused on tackling 365 days as a whole rather than tackling one day at a time. I get so excited to see the end result of having accomplished my goals that I can skim over the day-to-day effort it takes to accomplish the goals. I guess I need a reminder that 365 days= 1 year; rather than believing January 1st-December 31st=1 year.

Within my first week there were a few conflicts of schedule but luckily I was able to catch up on the things I wanted to have done within the week earlier today so, now that I am writing this post, I am back on track!

So, without further adieu, let’s get to those goals!

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2018 New Year Resolutions


  • Get my license
  • Have 2 vacations/staycations
  • Get a full-time job
  • Write at least 5 freelance articles
  • Take 4 big shopping trips
  • Workout at least 4x every week.
  • Do one devotional every morning when I wake up & one every night before bed.
  • Do a clean-out/get-things-organized-for-the-week Sunday every Sunday for the entire year.
  • Fix & upgrade my broken car
  • Go to bed every weeknight at 11pm (at the latest 12:30pm) & wake up every weekday at 6am (at the latest 7am)
  • Expand my vocabulary
  • Make a budget plan
  • Attend 3 blogger events
  • Post on my blog at least once a week


  • Take myself out more & enjoy more me-time.
  • Stop wallowing in negative emotions so long
  • To not let any attention or lack of attention (whether negative or positive) affect my happiness and my sense of self.
  • To stop feeling bad for feeling strongly

Here’s to the year ahead; the year that will essentially lead each and every one of us to that wiser, stronger, better, and bolder version of ourselves.

What’s a goal/intention you have for the year?


16 thoughts on “2018 Goals & Intentions 

  1. “To not let any attention or lack of attention (whether negative or positive) affect my happiness and my sense of self.” Love that! Such a good reminder. I wish you luck on your goals and intentions! Happy new year! 🙂


  2. Nice goals and intentions. I have mine too which is more or less similar it terms of mental health and physical. As you said there is no definitely no defined time to pick on your resolutions. If you are out of track you can always pull yourself back in and start where you have left. If not consistent its better to be intermittent 🙂


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