Drugstore Gems: E.L.F HD Lifting Concealers

I found my hunt for a decent drugstore concealer a bit of a tricky one, especially with the various recommendations from beauty bloggers and vloggers. In my personal search, my immediate go-to products to test were Maybelline’s FitMe Concealer and Instant Age Rewind Concealer seeing as how both have been claimed as favorites by many.

When I tried the FitMe concealer, I couldn’t get over the orange-ish undertone that it would give my skin. I don’t know if it was the shade itself or just the way it looked on my skin tone but it was pretty noticeable. The Age Rewind concealer really didn’t cause any issues for me although I found two things to be problematic eventually…

The first problem was with the applicator (which I didn’t like using) and the second was the price. Maybelline’s Instant Age Rewind typically sells anywhere from $7-$12 and because at the time your girl was practically going penniless (long story…), I had to quit replenishing my stock!

Luckily though, this predicament led me to try out E.L.F’s $3 HD Lifting Concealer.

Now, let me explain my needs in a concealer…

Some use concealer to cover any dark circles under the eyes but I, not having this issue, only use it every now and then underneath my eyes to highlight their shape. When I say every now and then though, I mean like once every six months or so… that is if I want to get really dressed up for something. As far as everyday use is concerned, I solely use concealer to hide any blemishes and acne scarring I may have.

elf hd lifting concealer

What the Packaging Says…

This high-definition concealer helps to hide imperfections and minimize fine lines. Formula infused with Vitamin C, Green Tea, and Mulberry for skin firming and soothing benefits to provide skin with an even toned and textured look.  

Directions: Apply to areas that need coverage and fine lines that need some “lift”. Blend into the skin with a gentle patting motion

What I Say…

I have nicknamed this concealer “my magic eraser” because of how seamlessly it blends into the skin. I pull off my no-make up-make-up look with this concealer and often times I end up delaying taking it off at the end of the day because of how flawless it makes the skin appear! It blends really well and is perfect for day makeup. Only detriment to this concealer is in how it responds to flash photography when worn by itself because unfortunately if gives off a slight white-cast. Other than that though, seeing as how well it does what it claims to, the pros certainly outweigh the cons in my book.

E.L.F’s HD Lifting Concealer comes in 3 shades; Fair, Light, and Medium. I use the shade Light, which says a lot about how “light” it actually is because my skin tone is a light caramel color. Needless to say the shades definitely cater to those with light-medium toned skin when used for hiding blemishes.  As far as skin type is concerned, I’d recommend this concealer for anyone who has normal/dry/combination skin otherwise you will find yourself blotting frequently throughout the day.


E.L.F’s HD Lifting Concealer retails anywhere from $2-$3 and is available at select drugstores or online at elfcosmetics.com.

One thought on “Drugstore Gems: E.L.F HD Lifting Concealers

  1. I like E.L.F, I have since I started using it years ago. I mainly use the shadows and lip stuff because my skin is so sensitive I have to use the higher end concealers and foundations so I won’t break out. I’d love to try this one, you can’t beat their prices!

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