What Leandra Medine Has Taught Me About Embracing Individuality

I have always been the kind of girl who couldn’t care less about name brands and labels. Style, to me, is more so an expression of identity. I’ve always felt like the clothes that someone wears shouldn’t leave people to wonder how they can look the exact same, but rather inspire people to enhance their individuality by wearing pieces that compliment them.

I would much rather have my clothes accentuate me than to verbally accentuate my clothes. Because who’s working for who here?.. Although there are many people who I feel are models of inspiration as far as style is concerned in this particular area, of all of them, Leandra Medine is queen.

leandra landscape

Originator of the ever-so-popular fashion blog Man Repeller, Leandra Medine is a perfect example of monotone-stunting fashion sense accompanied by a brain. She started Man Repeller in 2010 after attuning herself to an ongoing joke with a friend about which trends women love that men hate calling the trends, you guessed it, “man repeller’s”.

The rest is history. The blogs unique name as well as its incorporation of humor into serious fashion & culture gab has brought it an array of onlookers and fans for an array of reasons. My personal reason being the answer to the following question:

What can Leandra Medine teach us all about embracing individuality?

I feel the answer to that question is summed up in a statement by the mogul herself;

” If you’re going to plan to dress like a desert hippie, power to you. This is exactly what fashion is about- playing dress up, day in and out. Assuming identities that are divorced from your own but can still convincingly fall into the genre of sh*t that makes you, you.” 

Individuality is a garment worn beautifully by any and everyone because more often than not, even when repeated, it looks different on everyone.

Leandra-Medine full size

My personal style has sort of evolved through various periods of my life. I could never wholeheartedly identify with any one style though because truthfully I’ve always done my own thing.

I have flirted with baseball caps and baggy jeans but I’ve also flirted with pink dresses and bright, bold colored sandals. Even today, I can’t necessarily define my personal style because I have periods in my life in which I prefer simplicity to extravagance and comfortability to trendy, then in the next I prefer the total opposite.

Through all of my fashion faux pas’ and constant experimentation, I would look back at pictures of previous looks and think “Gosh… what in the world was I thinking?.. “. One day, it resonated with me that I felt like I’ve never looked trendy for any time period. I questioned why that was and then birthed the realization that I had missed my own unintentional point: I was dressing for me.


Stumbling upon Man Repeller and in-turn, Leandra Medine, taught me that embracing individuality is one of the most empowering things a woman can do. You take the fun out of personal style when you simply fashion yourself according to what is most popular for the time being. When you are confident because you wear what makes you happy, that’s a style sustainable enough for any time period.

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