How to Overcome the Awkwardness of Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

At the beginning of the year, I downloaded a horoscope app (because I will admit my curiosity about how accurate these kinds of things are has gotten the best of me) and decided to check out my horoscope for the year. Basically it states that, for Leo’s, this year will be a year of anti-comfort.

” This year, you need to step outside of your comfort zone in order to advance. The Leo personality might need to change a little to adapt to the circumstances that will come your way in 2018. This could help to build your character and give you an even deeper and more complex personality.” 

Whether it be an accurate foresight or not

is a question yet to be answered. It does however sneakily provide the tool kit for journeying outside your comfort zone with a little less awkwardness and a little more direction. Let’s break it down…


There are two ways comfort zone shattering is viewed: one is more comfortable than the other. There is the “natural” approach to overcoming comfort zones in which you “just know” when you’re “ready” to take on the more intimidating venture. Then there is the “rip-off-the-bandaid” approach in which one, knowing he will never be “ready”, plunges right into a pool of fear and comes up for the fresh “glad-that’s-over-with” air.

The key word here is advance. To go. To move. To progress. To do. You have to advance to advance. The “natural” approach to leaving comfort is rather time consuming. Waiting until you’re “ready” could take an insurmountable amount of time you might not forgive yourself for should you chose it. Sure, there are times when waiting for the right time is best. Time, being our ultimate currency, sometimes does need to account for patience. Just like anything however, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.

Too much time left to dwell hinders you. Rather than thinking about all the bad that could happen or just your overall nervousness, give it to God in prayer and focus on how you’re going to advance leading up to that initial first step, in the moment, then afterwards. Eliminate the rest.


I used to hate the phrase “fake it ’til you make it” until I realized that sometimes that is the only way you can make it through some situations. I believe that in life, we are constantly presented with opportunities to step out of one comfort zone and into another. Once we get too big for one, we can either comfortably chill in the fitted zone or jump into another. If we choose to jump into another one, we’ll have to adapt to the new space. There will be new sets of challenges and new sets of blessings, both meant to water and feed us so we grow. With all that newness, we have to take it all in initially by adapting to what is around us.

This means soaking up as much as you can of the new environment and taking advantage of what you can. It’s almost like getting familiar with new technology. You have to adjust what you know, to make room for a new normal.


I wish to say that “building” is more of an intentional process. Like we can somehow recognize all the area’s in life we could build upon but we don’t always know what area’s those are.  Building can be a little consequential. While we may not always recognize the area’s in which we need to grow in life, God does. When we find ourselves uncomfortable in a new normal, often times that comes with building character, will power, strength and upon self in general. As we place the focus on how we are building and working on adding to ourselves in the lack of comfort, we nurture our growth in a positive way.

The more uncomfortable we get, the more opportunities we give ourselves to add to who we are. 



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