3 Ways to Transform Your Wardrobe for Spring

Okay so it may not feel like it for everyone, but we all know it’s coming ( even though it already feels like it’s arrived for those of us in the South…). If we are talking about calendar official days, the first day of Spring is only a few days away. I haven’t been able to shop for any spring clothes yet but that’s okay! That’s what brought me to this post actually.

It seems that so far I am encouraged to be more innovative this year which has me looking for more avenues in which to be creative. I think the more you challenge yourself by exercising restraint, the more creative you get. If you want to be creative with the clothes you have, there are small ways to transform them into spring ready attire. Shall we dive in?

Frayed Jeans

The cutest way to give your worn out skinny jean an edge perfect for Spring? Cut off the bottom and you have Frayed jeans. I don’t know why, because I have never really been a frayed jeans kind of girl, but currently I am obsessed. You can dress them up for brunch with a friend by pairing them with stilettos or go more casual by pairing them with a pair of Adidas (or if you wanna throw it back like I tend to, a pair of K Swiss).

Knotted T

There’s a few different ways you can attempt a knotted T. You can place the knot in the front above your belly button for a crop top kind of look, you can tie the knot just above the hip bone on the side, you can knot it in the front but loosely, or you can knot it in the back. My personal favorite is knotting a patterned (or even plain) t-shirt in the front, above the belly button for a crop top look. Between a monochromatic shirt, a band T, and a patterned T you can accomplish a few different styles perfect for Spring.


Fringe is too easy and fun to accomplish. You can do it with a shirt, with your jeans or even a cardigan for a more boho chic look. All you have to do is grab a pair of scissors and shred the bottom/ends of your piece. If you want to go the extra mile, at your local fabric store there should be fringe add-ons available which you can then sew onto the bottom or ends of your piece.

What’s one peice your excited to bring out this spring?  

6 thoughts on “3 Ways to Transform Your Wardrobe for Spring

  1. Recently I’ve been living in shirt dresses with a pair of black tights and I’m looking to keep that going throughout the Spring months as it’s not too warm or too cold, is an easy look to throw together and super cute too! I love the look of those frayed jeans, although I’m not usually a frayed jeans kinda girl either, they just look super cute here!

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