Covergirl’s Melting Pout Matte Liquid Lipsticks Review

DISCLAIMER: I received these products complimentary via Influenster

There are two things that matte liquid lipsticks tend to have to combat: 1) a drying formula and 2) not being smudge proof or long-lasting. It is safe to say that Covergirl’s Melting Pout Matte liquid lipsticks successfully combat both of these issues. I was excited when I received this VoxBox in particular because other than their lip stain, I haven’t really tried any of Covergirl’s lip products. This was really my first experience dipping my feet into the brand in this line of products.

I received three lip products over all, the first two being the shades Ballerina and Current Nude.


Ballerina is exactly what I’ve been searching for in an everyday lipstick. This shade is a natural looking pink tone, which is absolutely perfect for someone like me who values that subtle pop of color. Application doesn’t require that much effort but, it does take a few coats to see an even-toned lip.

I wouldn’t say this shade is very buildable because of that reason. Thankfully this isn’t a huge issue because the formula is so thin that once dried, you barely even feel the lipstick on your lips.

Current Nude


As you can probably tell, Current Nude is my go-to lipstick at the moment. It is slightly easier than Ballerina to apply in that it takes fewer strokes to see an even shade. After reading a few reviews online, I came to find out that the darker shades are more favored than the lighter ones for this reason. While I personally don’t see that big of an issue with it, I do understand it.

Out of Ballerina and Current Nude, I would have to say Current Nude is my favorite. I can’t help but attribute this to it’s darker shade.


Because of how fast both shades dry, Covergirl’s matte liquid lipstick line is the perfect go-to for anyone who scatters to get a quick coat of color on their lips before they grab their morning coffee and rush out the door. For those who may already struggle with dry lips, I wouldn’t recommend trying these without applying a good lasting lip balm beforehand or even after the lipstick dries because both lipsticks last all day with absolutely no smudge.

Once dried, as I mentioned, you barely feel the lipsticks on your lips. I had days when I completely forgot I was wearing these lipsticks until I went to remove my make-up for the day. The only reminder I had was whenever I sort of pressed my lips together. I would feel a light, powder-based liquid lipstick feeling? If that makes sense? Surely, it’s nothing irritating though.

Melting Pout Glitz in Double Platinum

I don’t know why, but this lip gloss takes me back to the early 2000’s when lip gloss had to be glitter infused or it just wasn’t cool. I love the throwback vibes it gives me! Melting Pout Glitz is meant to be applied over the matte lipsticks and comes in this shade and a gold glitter shade called golden girl. As with anything glitter infused, you have to be careful with the amount in which you apply because it is buildable and it will go from 0 to 100, in terms of sparkle, real quick.

Overall, I give all three lippies two thumbs up!

You can find Covergirl’s Melting Pout Matte Liquid Lipsticks and Melting Pout Glitz at your local drugstore retailing anywhere from $7-$12. Have you tried any of the products or brands mentioned? Feel free to share your experience below! 

3 thoughts on “Covergirl’s Melting Pout Matte Liquid Lipsticks Review

  1. I’ve not tried this brand myself but oh my god, those lippies and the gloss look stunning!!! This is a brand I’ll definitely have to keep an eye out for, does Covergirl retail in the UK as well as the US? I haven’t spotted it anywhere myself but that could just be because I’m the worst at being observant ha ha! x


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