Spring Bucket List: 20 Things to Do Before Spring Ends

There are so many beautiful things about each season. You can take advantage of each in their own markedly different way. Fall has its warm color palette, pumpkin spice latte’s, and brown leaves scattered all about. Winter has its hot chocolate, thick coats, and classic christmas movies. Summer has its beach days, amusement park visits, and mosquito bites.

Spring has its bountiful assortment of colorful flowers, outdoor lunches, and heat just hot enough to keep you warm accompanied by a chill cool enough to erase the need for a handheld fan. Can you tell I’ve been enjoying the outdoors lately?

I’ve been inspired to compile a spring bucket list of sorts, just to take full advantage of the season in its own way. If you want a few ideas, here are a few ways you can enjoy spring before the seasons up:

Plant something/buy a plant.

Go bike riding.

Fly a kite.

Have a picnic on a blanket at the park.

If there is outdoor seating at a restaurant/coffee shop, sit outdoors. 

Catch the sunrise in the morning over coffee/tea outside.

Go golfing.

Go for a jog (… or two..).

Watch the sunset.

Do an outdoor workout.

Try new smoothie recipes.

Buy yourself some flowers. 

Go to an outdoor movie theater. 

Spring clean your closet.

Reorganize/Rearrange a space (a room,desk,closet, etc.)

Go to the outdoor mall. 

Walk around the inner city/a small town.

Make a wish on a dandelion.

Wear a flower as a hair accessory. 

Buy spring inspired scented candles. 

Have anything you like to do during the spring? Share in the comments!

“In the Spring, at the end of the day you should smell like dirt.”

– Margaret Atwood

7 thoughts on “Spring Bucket List: 20 Things to Do Before Spring Ends

  1. Lovely ideas, my absolute favourite thing to do in Spring is honestly to try reorganise my life and get some spring cleans in! If I had the space and things were less cluttered I’d also rearrange furniture around this time of year, too… Sadly my place is the size of a cardboard box and that’s just not possible! 😛


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