On the Road Again: A Brief Update

Those of you who’ve been following this blog since day one might have already noticed, but I removed the travel category from the blog for a while. I published two travel related articles but for the life of me, I could not think of anything else to post. I had been such a homebody and felt dreadfully uninspired, so as a result, I deleted the category with the intent to add it back once I started to travel a bit more.

One of my goals for 2018 was to travel more (to at least four different places to be exact…).

Today, as I am writing this, I am in Dallas, Texas, at one of the cutest trendy-looking coffee shop’s I’ve been to yet, sipping a savory almond milk latte intermittently as I type this post. It’s fair to say that I am not only inspired, but hopeful that this year will contain many more adventures both big and small in their own ways.

I can’t wait to take you guys along for the ride!

Here’s to the rebirth of the travel section and to the places yet to be explored,







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