While in Dallas,TX: 4 Vegan-Friendly Eateries You Need to Try

It wasn’t until I came back from Dallas last Thursday evening that I realized the only pictures of the trip I shared via social media were of food and food places. I figured that I should probably disclose on the blog that I did not solely visit Dallas for the food… even though that still would’ve made an awesome trip considering the restaurants we found!

We adventured to a few really neat places while in the area, but I wanted to share all of that in another post. This post is all about the amazing vegan food we got to try during our trip! If you are ever in Dallas, be sure to check out these places. You won’t be disappointed!

1. Spiral

IMG_2709 (1)IMG_2715IMG_2718IMG_2720 (1)IMG_2719 (1)IMG_2724

Spiral was practically our adopted kitchen for the entire trip. We visited Spiral at least once each day for our four day trip and found something new to get every time. The menu has pretty much everything you would find on a diner menu (minus pancakes and waffles) except all options are vegan.

Yup. Everything from bacon, sausage, and “eggs” (tofu scramble) to an assortment of burgers, pasta dishes, and shakes is vegan in this extensive menu. Over the course of our visits there I got to try their Philly cheese-steak, mac and cheese, spaghetti and meatballs, tofu breakfast sandwich, and root beer float, all of which were super filling and super delicious. Spiral is an absolute must-try for any vegan traveling to Dallas!

2. Cosmic Cafe

IMG_7399IMG_7387IMG_7389IMG_7393IMG_7409If only it was possible to capture every intricately designed feature of the Cosmic Cafe. It seemed like this place was hand painted in every corner of the property with Indian-themed art. Cosmic Cafe offers vegetarian Indian food and doubles as a meditation center (even offering yoga classes!). Our visit there didn’t consist of taking advantage of the classes or meditation center but it did consist of eating a few of the delicious dishes they offer.

The kitchen was amazing as they were very adaptable and could make most of the dishes vegan with a few slight alterations. I was able to order their Buddha’s Delight  (seen pictured above) and I inhaled the entire plate in a matter of a few minutes; It was that good. The food and ambiance of Cosmic Cafe made the overall experience one I would undoubtedly travel back to Dallas for.

3. Cafe Brazil


Thanks to the location of our hotel, there were coffee shops all around us. Each coffee shop was unique in it’s own way, having it’s own distinct theme and ambiance. We got to try two, one of which was Cafe Brazil. The first thing you notice about the cafe when you walk in (other than the lime green painted walls) is it’s wall of stacked, clear, labeled and filled coffee bean containers letting you know that the coffee available is vast and freshly ground.

I ordered the hazelnut latte with almond milk in place of regular milk (they have two vegan-friendly milk choices) and it was SO delicious and SO fresh-tasting. As for an actual meal, Cafe Brazil was nowhere near vast in vegan options especially considering the other places we visited, but it did have vegan taco’s (pictured above) which were a surprisingly filling brunch option.

4. Mudsmith Cafe


While I wouldn’t consider this unique coffee shop a vegan-friendly eatery, I couldn’t not include it in this list!  Like Cafe Brazil, there are only a small selection of brunch-style dishes that can be altered for vegans, but in my opinion you’re really going to want to go to Mudsmith for the coffee. Mudsmith’s coffee is blissfully rich and smooth. Pretty much every drink they offer can be made with a vegan-friendly milk.

Other than the coffee, my favorite things about Mudsmith were the rennaisance vibe of the coffee shop and the subtle sense of small town community. We would see people who were walking the old-town-looking strip stop in the coffee shop just to say hi to someone they know and walk back out. It’s such an adorable place situated in such cute area, it is a perfect everyday morning/brunch coffee shop stop!

I certainly can’t wait to make a trip back even if it is just for a day. These places certainly make it worth the trip!

Have you ever visited any of these places? If not, and you know of a really good vegan friendly eatery not mentioned here, feel free to share in the comments!

4 thoughts on “While in Dallas,TX: 4 Vegan-Friendly Eateries You Need to Try

  1. These places sound and look amazing! I’m sure the US does a much better job of creating beautiful spaces than the UK, I were definitely born in the wrong country ha ha! Cosmic Cafe is so unique, I love that they do meditation there, I’ve never heard of any cafe offering something like that!


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