Motivational Podcasts Perfect for Mundane Days

Do you ever feel like you could use a motivational push throughout the week? Like somewhere between Monday and Friday you lose zeal or drive in your routine? Me too. It’s why I find myself needing a bit of a kick-in-the-butt sometimes.

There are so many cool ways available now-a-days to acquire that life-giving, energy-pumping, motivation when you need it, so I wanted to share the avenues I use with you guys! While originally, I was going to just make it a single post, I thought I’d hold a motivational series on the blog that would take four Mondays (this being the first) to complete.

I think the internet is an awesome gift when you really know how to use it to benefit you. Every Monday, for the next three Monday’s, I want to share with you guys my favorite motivational media outlets. This week, I want to cover podcasts. Next week it’ll be YouTube channels, the following week social media accounts, and the week after that it’ll be playlists (’cause music is a pretty influential part of life, right?).

I’m super excited to share them with you guys! At the end of every post, I’m going to ask that you guys contribute to the series by sharing your favorite motivational __(insert media outlet here)_’s as well! I’m always up for listening/watching motivational things and you never know who else you could be helping with your suggestion.

Today, being day one of the series, I wanted to cover motivational podcasts.Podcasts are super helpful to me. You can listen to them anywhere at anytime and often times, they can work as a mental guide. If you want to get your mind off of something; listen to a podcast. If you feel like your thoughts are overtaking you and you need some mental stillness; listen to a podcast. If you need a laugh; listen to a podcast. If you need a cry; listen to a podcast. There is a little bit of something for everyone.

The following podcasts are ones I love listening to when I need determination and drive injected in my day.

Good Vibes, Good Life

You might have seen pictures by VexKing floating around on Instagram. That’s where I originally heard of him. Due to popular demand and his ever-growing following, he decided to take his motivating and inspiring Instagram posts to another level by starting a podcast in October of last year. I was extremely excited about it and when I started listening, my expectations were spot on. It is just as inspiring and motivating as his Instagram, if not more! He covers various topics related to personal growth and encourages a positive mentality and perspective through it all.

Having it ALL: Conversations About Living an Abundant Loving Life

When I first started getting into podcasts, Having it All was the first podcast I found that I really took a liking to. Matthew Bivens -the man behind the podcast- is such an authentic, down-to-earth host. In the podcast, he shares his own personal stories and insights on everything related to living life with purpose, getting the most valuable things out of every experience. I tend to gravitate towards listening to Having It All when I know I need a mentality shift or just to check my responses to whatever season I find myself in. Bivens does a great job of inspiring a fearless go-getter mentality.

The Goal Digger Podcast

If you are a creative or entrepreneur, whether you’re a photographer, aspiring YouTuber, blogger, author, aspiring fashion designer, or just anyone who could consider themselves a self-starter in any way, this podcast gives awesome advice and encouragement regarding growing and enhancing your entrepreneurial zeal. When I find myself lost for ideas, needing inspiration, or just downright lazy, listening to The Goal Digger episodes really get me up on my feet. Although the episodes are geared towards youtubers or bloggers the majority of the time, you can find nuggets of wisdom applicable to everyday life in each episode.


Unstyled stems from the blog Refinery29 and let me tell ya, I appreciate these podcasts so much some days! Each episode is an interview with a different female celeb on topics related to women empowerment and life encouragement. Most of the time the main messages are simple; love yourself, love what you do, love how you do it, and stay true to who you are. If you ever need to hear those words coming from someone who knows how you feel, UnStyled is your on demand pick-me-up.

How I Built This with Guy Raz

Sometimes relatability or pep-talk’s don’t really motivate you. Success stories however, always kind of intrigue me. Hearing about how the dedication and loyalty someone had brought them to where they ended up always ignites a bit of passion in me to find joy in the mundane. There is no success story that is without its fair share of mundane time periods and I think hearing about the light found at the end of those mundane tunnels sparks hope. How I Built This sits down with the minds behind the company’s and products we know today and discusses how they started and worked up to where they are now.

What podcast/s helps you make it through mundane days? Share in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “Motivational Podcasts Perfect for Mundane Days

  1. I adore the idea of this series, I’m definitely going to be keeping an eye on it as I’ve got a little lost recently due to utter chaos and I feel like I need a huge shove to get me back on track and organised! A podcast is something I’ve actually never listened to, ever! I used to fall back on YouTube and music, but I always listen to both with my earphones which isn’t really an option for me any more since having my daughter as I need to be able to hear her, so now I fall back on something that I can read on the go, blogs and Pinterest are easily my top tools right now! I’ll definitely be checking some of these out on an evening though, thank you!

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  2. I love podcasts so much, usually I listen to “FAT MASCARA” which is by Cosmo and so easy and fun to listen to, and the other one Ißve been enjoying is “The Influencer Podcast”, which is really great if you´re an aspiring influencer (hence the name lol).
    Thanks for the great recommendations!


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