April Favorite’s Playlist

If you took a look at my Spotify, you’d see a billion different playlists. I probably make about three every month and they are the most random accumulation of songs. One day I’ll hear a really pretty wedding-worthy love song and that’ll inspire me to make a playlist of really pretty wedding-worthy songs. Then months go by and I still haven’t added to the playlist because how rarely do wedding-worthy songs actually come out?? Exactly. In the midst of the waiting, I’ll create other playlists that I add to more frequently. Each with its own general vibe.

As I was on the road to Dallas, I was flipping through radio stations (which I rarely listen to anymore) and stumbled on a few songs that I actually really like! Hence I just decided to place everything I heard that I liked in one “on the road” playlist:

Have you heard any of these? If so, what are your thoughts & if not, is there any song you’re playing on repeat this month?

3 thoughts on “April Favorite’s Playlist

  1. I am so sad that I can’t get Spotify where I am! I used to love adding new songs to playlists! I’ve not heard of a lot of these songs but have heard of some! They’d be really good to listen to whislt driving or just chilling in the house :)!
    I’m totally out of my game with music while I’m in Korea! The radio stations just aren’t up to date with newer music!!


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  2. I literally haven’t heard any of these! Though I do quite like Taylor Swift, so I’ll have to give Delicate a listen. I’ve got Breaking Benjamin on repeat these days, I tend to go through phases. Also, totally with you on the millions of playlists, I do it all the time, too.. Glad I’m not the only one!

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