Kush Mascara by Milk Makeup Review

*DISCLAIMER: I received this product complimentary via Influenster

It is one of the most talked about beauty products on the market right now. Kush Mascara is raising eyebrows due to its usage of a very interesting ingredient: Weed. I have to applaud the marketing team behind Kush Mascara for their brilliant usage of typical references to weed in the context of a mascara (i.e. “One hit for high volume” and it’s release on 4/20). It certainly ignited my curiosity about the product and just how closely it would measure up to its claims of bringing on the volume.

I was not apart of the lucky few who actually received their Kush VoxBox on 4/20 but it did not take away my excitement upon receiving it. Before I dive into the review and talk about my experience thus far, I’d like to answer two dominating questions you may or may not have thought of by now: Q: Can you get high off of this?

A: Nope. There are no psychoactive properties in the mascara.

Q: Why weed?

A: This is Milk makeup’s first real launch of a %100 vegan volumizing mascara since the brand recently went vegan. Cannabis oil is CBD-rich, which counteracts the psychoactive properties in THC in order get the benefit of its conditioning effect for the lashes and binding affect for the heart-shaped fibers it uses.

Let’s dive in!

IMG_3620The first thing I noticed right out of the box was the weight of this mascara. When you hold the container, you feel like you are holding onto a really expensive, heavy-duty, medically prescribed mascara. It may sound dramatic, but believe me when I tell you that the beauty behind the packaging is that you really feel like you’re getting your money’s worth.

img_3615.jpgOne of my favorite things about the product is the dome-shaped brush. Its shape makes it super easy to coat all lashes evenly and provides length that isn’t sparse. The only issue I have with the brush is that the product tends to build up on two sides.

With most mascara’s it’s typical to wipe off the excess product at the tip of the wand but with Kush mascara, I find myself having to do so with both the tip and the brunt of the brush on the wand. In my opinion, it isn’t that big of an issue or concern but it is something worth noting.

As you can tell in the semi-awkward close-up above, the eye on the left is not coated with any mascara. For this shot, I left my eyes completely natural to place the focus solely on the mascara. The eye on the right is two coats of Kush Mascara.

Can you see why I am in love with it??

I am thoroughly impressed with the length and volume it gives. Kush Mascara makes the lashes appear full while highlighting the shape of your eyes by lifting your lashes. The product claims to give you length and volume without clumping or fallout. I would say the minds behind Kush’s creamy formula did a good job of ensuring this as much as they could on their part however, after experimenting with it as much as I have, I would say it all boils down to how the mascara is applied.

I’d recommend Kush Mascara to anyone wanting a mascara that provides length and volume without weighing down your lashes. Overall, I give it two thumbs up!  

One thought on “Kush Mascara by Milk Makeup Review

  1. Wow! I´ve never heard of this mascara before, and how crazy that it´s made with weed! I love a good word play, so kudos to the marketing team haha! Definitely looks like a great mascara, but I ususally struffle with wands shaped like that, I prefer them small and “hard” so I can reach every single one of my eyelashes seperately instead of clumping them together.
    xx, Antonia


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