Motivational Social Media Accounts Perfect for Mundane Days

Social media has an undeniably large impact on our world today. It has changed the way that we communicate and keep up with one another in both beneficial and not-so-beneficial ways. When we scroll through our social media feeds, we are consuming potential future thoughts. It is for this reason that it is really important to carefully govern how we use it. 

The scripture “bad company corrupts good character” (1 Cor. 15:33) rings true both online and offline. The word company defined is “the fact or condition of being with another or others, especially in a way that provides friendship and enjoyment.”.

In any kind of relationship, someone is always pulling someone. This isn’t to say that one person is always controlling the other person, but in fact this means that both parties hold a level of influence with each other (whether they would like to admit it or not). That makes the people we follow and friend on social media “influencers” in quite a literal sense because we are continuously in a virtual conversation with them. We are “with” them just like you need to be “with” someone to consider them company.

Like I mentioned, social media can be both beneficial and not-so-beneficial. If we are following the right company (and providing the right company as well), we can surround ourselves with positive online influencers that build us up rather than guide us through a direction in life that is unhealthy for us. The following accounts (which span over Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) aim to motivate and inspire you along your path.

Facebook Accounts

Daily Motivational Quotes (@oscardailyquotes)

Gary Vaynerchuk (@gary)

Rachel Hollis (@thechicsite)

Goalcast (@goalcast)

Life Stories (@lifestories.goalcast)

Robin Sharma (@robinsharmaofficial)

Instagram Accounts

VexKing (@vexking)

Know Your Legacy (@knowyourlegacy)

Influencive (@influencive)

Entrepreneur (@entrepreneur)

Live Deeply Rooted (@livedeeplyrooted)

The Good Quote (@thegoodquote)

Recipes for Self Love (@recipesforselflove)

Twitter Accounts

John McGrath (@JohnMcGrathMB)

Maria Popova (@brainpicker)

Leo Babauta (@zen_habits)

Motivational Quotes (@IMQuotes_Videos)

Good Life Quotes (@quotes2share211)

Awakened Self (@Awakened_Self)

Thrive Vibes (@ThriveVibes)


What social media accounts inspire/motivate you? 






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