Motivational Playlists Perfect for Mundane Days

I believe music has a way of influencing people so markedly, that our mood tends to mirror the tone of what we listen to the most. Everything from the tempo, to the notes, to the way the singer is belting out the words translates a certain energy and that energy is capable of having an irresistable impact on us. On me especially.

If I feel that the day is slow and I’m struggling to stay awake, the only solution (other than a big cup of coffee) that I know will have an immediate impact on me is blaring some feel-good, life-giving music. Somedays it helps to have a coffee in hand with the music blaring.

Considering that we are on the final installment of the Motivational Munday’s series, I wanted to end on a note (no pun intended (; )that would really resonate and to me, there is nothing that resonates with people more than good music. Below I’ve listed a few motivating playlists to enjoy when you need to put a little more pep in your step.Motivation Station

I basically threw together a playlist consisting of all the songs that I have ever known to motivate or inspire me. You might notice that a good majority of the songs on my playlist are songs you would probably hear at an EDM music festival, and that’s actually for a pretty good reason. You don’t see anyone being put to sleep at a music festival. 😛

Motivational Playlist  

This playlist is slightly more chill than my own but still pretty fun and upbeat, so I find it perfect to listen to as background music for day-to-day chores, writing, or pulling study all-nighters.

White Blank Page

There is something so serene and peaceful about writing to acoustic music. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Wouldn’t that be counterproductive to listen to if what you need is an energy boost?”. To me, the answer is no. I think sometimes the motivating factor is getting to work in the right ambiance. The softer, more indie inspired tunes of this playlist really enhances focus.

Good Vibes Playlist

There is a little bit of everything in here, so if you can get pumped to anything motivating and the genre isn’t a factor for you; this is the perfect playlist for you my friend.


An accumulation of all the gangster rap you need to get you up and handling business. Most of these songs resonate with me personally because of the driven and positive mentality promoted in the songs. Some songs I added simply because they have the kind of beats that you just couldn’t be a couch potato listening to.

I’ve had so much fun with these posts and I hope that you guys have been able to enjoy each one! If you missed any of the previous installments to the Motivational Munday’s series, be sure to check them out here.

Do you have a playlist that inspires or motivates you? Share the link to it below!

3 thoughts on “Motivational Playlists Perfect for Mundane Days

  1. I need these on the second day of the week. Whether it’s a Tuesday, or it’s been a bank holiday and a Wednesday, the second day of the week seems to take forever and I can’t ever find motivation!


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