You Never Know

I forgot how easy it’s supposed to be to write about yourself. I mean, it should be the easiest thing in the world right? They say that people love to talk about themselves, so it shouldn’t be too different in writing, right?

Well not for me. Not all the time anyway.

It’s easy to get lost in talking just to talk when you feel that you need words to fill the empty spaces. You forget who your audience is or even that you have an audience at all. You feel isolated and you start to question the purpose. And that’s basically what happened to this blog.

Then you get a wake up call.

For me, that came in the form of one of Alice’s most recent blog posts. Just a simple Instagram post and it sparked something as simple as a train of thought for someone halfway across the world.

First I was humbled. Then I felt a kick in the gut. This entire break I’ve been worried about who reads this blog and whether or not it seems too this or too that.

But who cares?

I don’t write for everyone. I write to those who can relate and sometimes to those who can’t relate at all. Sometimes I just write for myself. Either way, this scenario taught me a valuable lesson:

You never know who’s listening.




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